Storytime – Eevee’s Grand Adventure


For those who haven’t heard, we have a new addition to the family!  Her name is Eevee and she’s maybe a husky but probably a malamute – we aren’t sure.

Since today’s post was supposed to be about what Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat means to me in post two of the blog series, 30 Days of Me and I already wrote about that, I thought I’d gear up for the next post about my pets by talking about our newest addition and the adventure she has had.

Meet Eevee – named after the Pokemon.

38519143_1843154569099144_7878087622894026752_n (1).jpg

We got her from the Humane Society and fell in love with her.  I found out that she was a stray locally and they caught her and brought her in.  She got along great with Sophie so they let us take her home.  She came home with a cone of shame because she had gotten spayed the day before and she was diagnosed the day we got her with a UTI.  Still, she was the perfect addition to our family and we just had to take her home.  My mindset was that we could deal with a few pee puddles until she was healed and UTIs aren’t expensive to treat.


This poor dog has been through so much up to this point.  We got her home and she was peeing and whimpering.  She had mats all on her hind legs.  Husband and I spent a whole night trying to brush out the mats and it didn’t seem to help.  Her UTI was still in full swing and after her first week of UTI medicine had been completed, we had to bring her in to get a second dose.  The vet looked at her charts and commented how it was the worst UTI case she had seen.


She was well into her second-week dose of UTI medicine.  I was very adamant about taking her out every hour to decrease accidents around the house, which seemed to mostly work.  I had taken her out to go to the bathroom and play off her leash (we kept her on her leash inside so we didn’t unexpectedly find pee puddles) and she was going in and out of the bushes and trees.  I play on my phone while she goes outside because she takes forever.  I looked up from my phone to see Eevee trying to eat a few bees.

“Eevee.” I called.  I was trying to get her to get out of the trees.  That’s when I noticed that more bees were appearing.

“Eevee…” more firmly this time. I felt very unlucky that we had just got her and she didn’t really know her name yet.

I started screaming for my mom, who was cooking lunch for the daycare.  I ran to grab the fly swatter while my mom was making her way out to me.  I don’t know why I thought that a fly swatter would help me in this case, but I was running on adrenaline.

Ultimately, I grabbed the hose and sprayed her down.  Poor Eevee looked defeated.  I brought her in and she still had a couple bees on her.  I called Husband at work and he came rushing over.  While I was waiting for him, I tried to pull out a few stingers from her nose.  I was pretty sure she swallowed one or two.


We made it to the vet and they gave her a shot of Benadryl.  They also offered to shave all the mats off her behind, leaving quite the pantless doggie.

In the end, Eevee was fine and she’s doing better with her UTI although it isn’t completely healed yet.  She still needs further testing to make sure nothing more is wrong, but she’s in great spirits!

Eevee has been through so much and it seems like she keeps getting the short end of the stick, but I’m so glad that she found her forever family with us.



9 thoughts on “Storytime – Eevee’s Grand Adventure”

  1. Oh she is so beautiful!! Thank you for taking care of a sweet baby in need! We have two rescues, one of which is half husky and shares some facial similarities to Eevee. Hope she feels better soon!


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