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Current Giveaway

Enter to Win – 52 Lists of Happiness and a $10 Target Gift Card

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$15 Amazon Gift Card

Terms & Conditions

I. No Purchase Necessary

To enter our giveaway, no purchase is necessary.  Purchasing will not increase your odds of winning.

II. Promotion Description

The giveaway start and end times are presented within the giveaway link.  Time starts are PST.  If you have any questions regarding giveaways, please contact Amanda at

III. Eligibility

Readers (not relating to Amanda) are eligible to participate and win prizes.  Entrants must reside in the United States and you must be 18 or over.

IV. How to Enter

To enter giveaways at Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat, follow the link to the giveaways or follow the prompts on social media (as applicable).  Any entrants that do not follow the guidelines or undo their giveaway actions during the giveaway or after the giveaway are subject to forfeit their prize(s).  No third party entries or bot entries will be accepted.

V. Winner Selection

The winner of the giveaway will be chosen at random.  Winner actions will be verified before official notification from Amanda.  The odds of winning the giveaways are dependent on the number of entries.

VI. Winner Notification

Giveaway winners will be contacted via an announcement on all Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat social media platforms (minus Pinterest) and via email where applicable.  Winners have 72 hours to contact Amanda at to claim their prize.  If the winner has not contacted Amanda, the prize may be given to the next in line.

VII. Privacy

Private information (such as email, address, and demographic information) will be kept confidential from the public.  First and Last Name will be used to announce the winner of the giveaways on social media.  No information will be sold to other parties.

VIII. Limitation of Liability

As the sponsor of the giveaway, Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat or its affiliates are not responsible if anything goes wrong with the giveaway or its prizes.  Enter at your own risk.  The social networks affiliated with Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat are not liable for any giveaway or prize.