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What Does Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat Mean to Me?

When I started Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat in 2014, 3 days before my 24th birthday, I didn’t anticipate it would ever get to this point.  I had hoped it would, but the thought that I could actually get here was crazy.

4 years later, I realize that I have not really opened up about why I decided to write a blog and give the details as to what it means to me.

2014 was a different time for me.  I don’t consider 24-year-old me to know everything and my blog has definitely taken a different turn since then.  I know that every blogging website and resource says to find your niche, but honestly, my niche has changed and will continue to change as I change.  For instance, at 24, I was going to college, had a 5-year-old little girl, not married, and pretty new to living on my own.  At 28, I have graduated, my little girl is now 9, I’ve been married for 3 years, and I’ve moved back in with my mom because we are trying to save up for a house.  During that time, so much has changed and so has my niche.

So why Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat?  I wanted a name that could change with me.  I wanted a name that had many meanings, didn’t peg me for any niche and could be a constant in my life while I went through the changes that I went through.  No matter what life has thrown at me, I’ve always continued to eat, sleep, and love.  All day, every day, I’ve repeated this process.

Although many of my blog posts are how-to posts and advice posts, I wanted this to be a safe place for people who don’t label themselves as perfect.  My life has been far from that and there are many times where I read posts on blogs and think, “They have their sh*t together and I will never obtain that status.”  It took me so long to get the point where I just don’t care and I welcome my readers to not care and compare with me.

To me, this blog is a place where I can share with my readers.  It’s a place where I can talk freely and hopefully touch your lives in some way.  To me, my blog is a platform where I can speak my mind and share little tidbits of my life.  It’s a source of income that will allow me to hopefully one day allow me to leave my other job so I can concentrate on running my blog and be more present in my family.

It’s also a way for me to connect with people.  I have anxiety (social and general) and so making new friends and talking to people can really be hard.  Sitting behind a computer screen allows me to say what I want to say without worrying about what everyone else thinks.  It allows me to make friends without having a million different negative thoughts about me going through my brain.  I love talking to people, but my anxiety and my brain make it hard to do so.

Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat was a dream that was made into a reality.  It has given me hope and the courage to follow all the dreams I’ve had and check things off my bucket list.  I am so thankful for all of my readers who have helped me along the way by reading, commenting, and sharing my posts.  It means so much to me.

Thank you so much, readers!


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