How I Met My Husband

I realized that with the surge of blog posts I’ve been making, I’ve kinda lost touch with my readers and our connection.  I want to write more blog posts that are personal and I figured with my Husband and my third year wedding anniversary on the 18th of this month, this would be a good story to tell.  That is absolutely crazy to me.  We met in the weirdest circumstances too, where we just happened to be at the right place at the right time – in a sense…

Let me get started by saying that Husband and I first started talking to each other on OKCupid.  I messaged him first because of a few things:

  1. He mentioned he was a family man.
  2. He said he liked Pokemon.
  3. He said he liked Runescape.
  4. He was cuuuuute.

So, me being the amazing Wordsmith and #1 smooth talker, I messaged him.


Ya, I said that.

Well, it worked because he ended up messaging me back shortly after and we kinda hit it off.  He invited me to visit him at his work (he worked at the local university) and I didn’t drive, so that was a flop.  We messaged each other back and forth for quite a while and then we finally exchanged phone numbers.  I acted like such a school girl when we messaged each other.  I was glued to my phone.  I feel like I was already in love before we even met each other – which is really crazy to say but now that we’re married it sounds so assuring, doesn’t it?  He suggested we get coffee and I was too smitten to tell him that I am an avid coffee hater.  It wasn’t until we met for the first time in Runescape when we were woodcutting in Draynor Village that I asked if he would rather do sushi instead.  He said yes, but he didn’t have the heart to tell me didn’t like sushi (he has outgrown that since).  We made plans to eat sushi and go to Ikea because I had to pick up a couple things for my daughter (isn’t that the perfect date?!)

It was about noon that I had dropped off my daughter at a friend’s house to get ready.  I had received a message from him saying that he had gotten there early (try two hours early) because he had to go shopping.  I frantically threw makeup on my face and made my way there.  When I saw him sitting on the bench outside the sushi restaurant I highly considered high tailing it out of there.  It was my first time meeting someone from a dating site and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Thankfully, Husband broke the ice as I was walking up to him by saying, “I got these new shoes!”  We went inside, and I had one sushi roll (that has never happened again).  Husband broke the ice by choking on a piece of sashimi and then showed me some awesome Runescape apps on his phone.  Meanwhile, the whole time I was trying to figure out if it was a date or not.  He paid and then we went to Ikea, where I forgot to buy what I needed because I was so concentrated on talking to him.  My friend came to pick me up and as we were walking to the car, he had stopped me and asked if it was okay to kiss me.  Swoon.  We kissed and I left knowing that I was going to marry him one day.

Even though our date was so unconventional, it was perfect and truly stuck to what Husband and I do for fun.  It spoke wonders of us and how we are and I wouldn’t have asked for a better first date.  How did you and your partner meet?  I’d love to hear!


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