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How To Manage When Your Significant Other Is Away – Part 2

If you haven’t read part one of this, I suggest doing so (you can view it here).  If you have read part one, get ready for part two.  As I mentioned in the first part, these are just a few tricks and techniques that I’ve learned work for me and my separation anxiety when Husband is away.  These may work great for you or these may not work at all.  I hope you find at least one technique that helps you!  If you have others, share yours below!  I’d love to hear what you do!


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If you have kids at home, they will probably do this for you.  If you don’t, finding things to do to occupy your time and your brain can help you keep your mind off of your loved one being away.  With Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat, work, and family I naturally stay busy until it is time for bed (and then I go to bed late).  So, if you can fill your schedule, do it or not because when Husband is away I utilize that time WISELY.


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One of the hardest times I have when Husband is out of town is when it is time to go to sleep.  Even though when he’s here I wish he’d go away (because of snoring), when he’s gone I miss him being next to me.  So, when I really have a hard time sleeping I use natural supplements like Valerian Root or essential oils like lavender to help me sleep.


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There is an unspoken rule in our household where if one is out of town the other can do things that wouldn’t normally be acceptable when the other is there.  For example, when Husband is out of town I don’t cook. Instead, we go out.  My mom and I usually hit up the local happy hours around town (not on the same day).  Let’s just say, we frequent the happy hours so much that we are definitely known by name at a few local joints.


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This is something that we always try to do when Husband or I are out of town.  We always Skype all night to emulate us sleeping next to each other.  Some may think it’s weird, but it’s really comforting.  If we can’t Skype each other, we have a quick phone call before bed and we text often.  Communication with each other is important for us while we’re apart from each other.  We miss each other on a regular day and don’t have many chances to talk to each other but we are assured that we can talk at night.  But, when Husband is gone we don’t always have that.  It makes the trips easier to get through when we are talking actively to each other, especially listening to how much fun or how unbearable his trips are.


I know this one is really difficult.  How can you not focus on something that is persistently missing?  If you are out with your friends or family while your loved one is gone, just think that you are out without your loved one.  If you don’t focus on it, it will be easier to get through.  If you do focus on it, time will definitely pass slower and anxiety may build.

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