Sims 4, Pools, and Toddlers

It has recently come to my attention that with the release of Sims 4, pools and toddlers will not be included.  I figured I would use this blog post to post my thoughts about this recent news.

For one, I am so happy that toddlers are leaving Sims.  Why?  While I think toddlers are adorable, teaching your toddler how to walk, talk, and use the bathroom is a huge time eater.  I need to raise my Sims logic so he can become a world class surgeon.  I don’t have time to spend hours teaching my toddlers how to walk and talk.  Okay, sometimes I question how I can be such a great mom in real life.

While we’re on the subject on teaching your toddler how to do things, can I take a second to talk about potty training?  Potty training in the Sims has become my biggest annoyance!  I have to say, out of teaching my Sim tot how to walk, talk, or potty, I definitely prefer potty training most.  But, I can’t just sit there staring at the needs menu waiting for their bladders to fill.  I have stuff to do.  Houses not to burn down and books to read.  By the time I remember that I am, in fact, potty training, it’s too late.  That green odor stench is stinking up my virtual house.  How dare they.

Also, their sleep schedules are messed up.  When I play Sims, my Sims have a strict bedtime of 10:00pm, well, if I’m not using cheat codes (I mean, I do not use cheat codes!).  This is to ensure that my Sims get a full night sleep before endeavoring work, school, and toddlers.  But you toddlers.  YOU mess everything up with your waking up at 1:00 in the morning DEMANDING food and attention.  Not only that, they ruin my 3x speed until morning thing I have going.  Monsters, I tell you.

On the other hand, I will miss pools.  I hate having an exercise room filled with exercise equipment.  It looks so…manly.  I can say that because well, I’m not a man and if my real life house has to be the way I don’t want it then I need to have my virtual house.  Instead, I place a nice looking pool in the backyard surrounded by pretty flowers and yard decorations and voila, a pretty way for my Sims to get exercise.

I think one of the main reasons why I will miss pools though is because it is my preferred method for killing off NPCs that I make me angry.  You want to yell at my Sim?  I don’t think so.  Death by means of pool for you.  Okay, so I’m a wrathful god, but my Sims get a love only this tyranny can provide.

Alas, having unwanted Sims spend a life sentence in a pool was satisfying, but I guess there are other ways to kill off NPCs.  Bring it on Sims 4.

What do you think about the recent news of pools and toddlers not coming out with Sims 4?


1 thought on “Sims 4, Pools, and Toddlers”

  1. I personally think it’s ridiculous that they’re taking out pools. I am quite partial to making big, grand houses that no one not cheating could possibly afford, and pools were always a part of that effect! I can think of zero good reasons that they did that. Toddlers, on the other hand, I do understand. All they really did was weigh the game down. Made this game of life just a little too much like real life. But anyway, interesting read! Thank you for the post!


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