Horrors of Potty Training

Do not read if you are the faint of heart.  I remember living life in bliss, BPT (before potty training) when I didn't think about potty training.  It wasn't that I never knew that I'd have to potty train my child, it's just that it never occurred to me that it'd be a full-blown thing.… Continue reading Horrors of Potty Training


Dear Parents (A letter from a daycare worker)

Parents, I read about the article where a young boy died because a daycare worker sat on him and suffocated.  This is a hard letter for me to write because, as a mother, this is something that I prayed would never happen to my daughter.  Let me assure you, it should never happen.  This seems… Continue reading Dear Parents (A letter from a daycare worker)


Toddler Tantrums

I am subscribed to CafeMom's Facebook news feed.  They post different stories about parenting and tabloids and they recently put out a list of things NOT to do during toddler tantrums.  This list consisted of your every day common sense things, but one of the things on the list was some things I didn't agree with… Continue reading Toddler Tantrums


Sims 4, Pools, and Toddlers

It has recently come to my attention that with the release of Sims 4, pools and toddlers will not be included.  I figured I would use this blog post to post my thoughts about this recent news. For one, I am so happy that toddlers are leaving Sims.  Why?  While I think toddlers are adorable, teaching… Continue reading Sims 4, Pools, and Toddlers