2048 — A Review

I first played the game 2048 on a gaming site called Kongregate.  This site is a site where you can play Flash games for badges and points.  The badge in question was to get a certain number of points for this game, which I did easily.

Fast forward a few months.  I had seen a co-worker play this game on the computer and had wanted something to do to pass the time so, I downloaded it onto my phone (yes, they have this game for iPhone and Android).

This game, is the MOST addicting game I have ever played.  The purpose of the game is to get the tile to 2048, and although I’ve never actually beat the game, I’m pretty sure I’ve invested more time in this than I have Animal Crossing (which if you know me, you know that’s a lot.)

For those who want a game to play to pass the time, this is it.

For those who want a game that makes them question their life because they pretty much spend all their free time on a phone trying to match tiles — this is it.

I’m serious, this game is amazing yet it makes you hate your life at the same time because WHY CAN’T I GET THE TILES TO 2048?!

Overall, it’s a great game and I highly recommend it.  My high score?  10484.  Ya, beat that.  I dare you.

But seriously, get this game.  Especially if you love puzzle games.  It’s an addicting and great time waster!  It even causes me to ignore texts just so I don’t have to quit out of the game (sorry friends).  


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