My Daily Routine – Amanda

Sometimes I wonder how I can get done as much stuff in a day as I do.  A lot of my day is wishing the work day was over so I can get sh*t done but then when the work day is over I basically space out and go to sleep.  So, I decided to log my day for you.  My daily activities vary, depending on if a kid decides he wants to smear poop everywhere or if the daycare gods grant mercy upon me.  Here is what a typical day looks like for me:

5:00am – Husband’s alarm goes off.  Sometimes I don’t hear it, most of the time I do.  Husband snoozes his alarm.

5:??am – Husband actually gets up.  I either don’t notice because I’m dead asleep or he wakes me up and I barely respond.

5:45am – Husband wakes me up.  I pretend not to notice until I realize I have to get up too.  I don’t want to leave the warm bed so Husband is kind enough to throw clothes at me so I don’t have to leave.

5:50am – Throw clothes on and go to the bathroom to brush my hair.

6:00am – Husband realizes that he’s running late so he hurries me along and I somehow end up downstairs as he’s rushing out the door.

6:05am – Husband leaves and I sit on my phone to play Pokemon Go and browse cute videos on Facebook.

6:15am – Start working on my blog.

7:00am – I turn brain dead and end up on my phone or go watch Netflix or Hulu.

7:30am – My mom’s dog comes downstairs and starts attacking me in kisses.  Sometimes she gets so excited she pees so there’s that.

7:45am – Daycare parents start coming.

8:00am – Mom leaves to get us energy even though she said last time that it was the last time.

10:00am – I change 9 diapers.

11:00am – I try to eat while feeding 12 other kids.  It doesn’t work.  I give up and wait until later.  Later doesn’t usually come!

12:00pm – Naptime.  Finally.  I try to work on blogging some more while the kiddos sleep.

1:30pm – This is about the point in time where my brain dies again and I migrate back over to shows or Facebook.  Sometimes I can make it to 2:30pm though!

2:30pm – Kids wake up.  I rejoice in realizing that there are 2 hours left of the work day.

3:00pm – I change 9 more diapers.  There will be at least one blowout.  I rethink my life choices.

3:30pm – If it’s nice outside, my mom will take the kids out and I will prepare crafts that we will have ambitions for but probably never do!

5:30pm – Work ends.  I crash on the couch for 15 minutes.

5:45pm – It’s time to start dinner.  I cry inside and start cooking.

5:50pm – Husband comes home.  We vent to each other about our days.

6:00pm – We eat and I slowly start spacing out.

7:30pm – I lay in bed, cruise through Facebook and YouTube, and suddenly remember the billions of things I have to do.  I accomplish one of those things and feel better.

9:30pm – I crash and burn.  I’m down and out for the count.  Between this time and wakeup, I will have to get up and pee at least two times, wake up to Husband crowding me, get scratched to death by a cat that doesn’t know personal bubbles, and/or wake up from Husband’s loud a** snoring.

There you have it.  My day in a nutshell.  Is your day as chaotic as mine?  More chaotic?  I’d love to hear about your days!


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