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Humbling Snow

With everything that has been happening lately, it's a wonder why I still log onto my social media all the time.  Don't get me wrong.  There are times that my social media is filled with wonderful things, but lately it's been polluted with messages of hatred, prejudice, and death.  Because of the recent election results,… Continue reading Humbling Snow

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The Christmas Song You Love to Hate

The Christmas season is now upon us.  I am a huge fan of Christmas and I definitely live for it year long.  I have also worked retail during the Christmas season and I can tell you, it is one of the scariest times of the year.  Above that, I have worked in two different malls during… Continue reading The Christmas Song You Love to Hate


Dear Parents (A letter from a daycare worker)

Parents, I read about the article where a young boy died because a daycare worker sat on him and suffocated.  This is a hard letter for me to write because, as a mother, this is something that I prayed would never happen to my daughter.  Let me assure you, it should never happen.  This seems… Continue reading Dear Parents (A letter from a daycare worker)

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Dear “Failures” of the Future

My dearest failures of the past, the present, and the future, I am writing to you today as a fellow failure in life.  You see, I want you to know, you are not alone and, chances are, you are not a failure.  I guess that's why I started this blog, besides getting readers. You see, all my… Continue reading Dear “Failures” of the Future


Benedict Cumberbatch – Impression Extraordinaire

Thanks to the power of social media and Time, I found this amazing gift from the gods: Go ahead, watch it.  I'll wait for you. This man did 11 impressions in one minute. He even did an impression of Taylor Swift that I think she'd be very impressed with. See? Can we just take a… Continue reading Benedict Cumberbatch – Impression Extraordinaire