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Benefits of Using Essential Oils

I have recently gotten into the essential oils game and I really dove in head first.  I started out with just applying some essential oils to my body and pillow at night, to using a diffuser, and then inhaling it.  I will get into all of that eventually, but I really did want to share… Continue reading Benefits of Using Essential Oils

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The Day My Dreams Came True

I.  Love.  Sloths.  If you know me personally, you'll know it's no secret.  It has always been my dream to meet, hold, and feed a sloth. Well. December 2017 part of my dream became a reality.  Josie the Sloth was rescued by the Oregon Zoo and they organized a Sloth Encounter to raise awareness about… Continue reading The Day My Dreams Came True

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What Does Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat Mean to Me?

When I started Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat in 2014, 3 days before my 24th birthday, I didn't anticipate it would ever get to this point.  I had hoped it would, but the thought that I could actually get here was crazy. 4 years later, I realize that I have not really opened up about why I… Continue reading What Does Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat Mean to Me?

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Storytime – The Day That I Could Not

I feel like there is so much that happens in my life and I don't get to share it with you for various reasons.  I don't like to blog too much about my personal life because it involves so many people and sometimes they don't like to be in the light.  But, I got expressed… Continue reading Storytime – The Day That I Could Not

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Tamagotchi Tama-got-to-go

I was a typical 90s kid and had many MANY Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi knockoffs.  When I say many, I had like three, but that's enough for a kid who barely knows how to take care of herself.  Do you want to know how all three ended?  Death.  Destruction.  Ignored until the battery died.  Lost under… Continue reading Tamagotchi Tama-got-to-go

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Mother Nature – The most indecisive mother ever

This Winter has been the craziest we've had in a while.  If you recall, I had spent the first half of December wishing for a snow day.  Of course, it did not disappoint as we spent the majority of December and some of January trapped in our house because of all the snow and ice.… Continue reading Mother Nature – The most indecisive mother ever

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Christmas Cards – A Dying Art?

When the Christmas season approaches I immediately start planning to send Christmas cards to my friends and family.  I painstakingly pick out the Christmas cards (get them at the Dollar Store!  12 Christmas cards for $1 with envelopes? Yes please), I choose the best themed stamps I can find, and, if I'm feeling especially ambitious,… Continue reading Christmas Cards – A Dying Art?