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How To Potty Train Your Todder – Tips & Tricks

This post may contain affiliate links.  This means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase. I have already discussed one sh*tty aspect of my job (pun intended), but I have yet to mention the other.  Potty training.  Potty training can be a… Continue reading How To Potty Train Your Todder – Tips & Tricks

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How I Can Change 14+ Diapers a Day Without Going Insane

**WARNING: THIS BLOG POST MIGHT GET A LITTLE GROSS.  IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO HORROR STORIES OF POOPY DIAPERS, TODDLERS, OR MOTHERHOOD, I SUGGEST YOU CLOSE OUT OF THIS WINDOW RIGHT NOW.** For those who don't know, I spend my days split between the role of a housewife, blogger, and a daycare assistant.  While I… Continue reading How I Can Change 14+ Diapers a Day Without Going Insane

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What To Expect When Your Child Enters Daycare For The First Time

I've seen a lot of children come through my daycare.  It almost seems like there is a revolving door that constantly brings in and takes out children.  It's always a sad time seeing them go, but the anticipation of new children coming always makes it better.  I get asked by a lot of parents who… Continue reading What To Expect When Your Child Enters Daycare For The First Time

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Children Taboo Words – Let It Go

Tuesday morning, after math class, I trudged downstairs in hopes of finding caffiene.  Instead, I saw my mom sitting at the counter watching a video on Facebook.  "Let it Go" was playing and I quickly glanced into the playroom to see if the children heard.  Fortunately, they were making so much noise they didn't notice.… Continue reading Children Taboo Words – Let It Go

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Mother Knows Best?

  Growing up, I always heard: "Mother knows best!" "Just wait until you get older." "You're going to turn out just like me." I was 100% certain that I was never going to turn out like my mom.  You see, when I was a teenager I thought, like most teenagers, my mom was strict, mean, and… Continue reading Mother Knows Best?

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My Daughter’s First Boyfriend

My daughter announced to me on Valentine's Day that she has a boyfriend.  I was absolutely shocked because, for one, my daughter is one of the most innocent people I know.  The idea of her having a boyfriend was something I hadn't expected to deal with for a while.  For another thing, my daughter is six.… Continue reading My Daughter’s First Boyfriend


The single mom (and dad) nation

I found having a job and a life is difficult.  I found also that having a job, a life, and a child is especially difficult.  Having a mom and a dad to help care for children makes the difficulty easier, but what happens to the single moms and dads who have to take care of… Continue reading The single mom (and dad) nation