Silver Linings and Awful Times

I feel very thankful that over the past few days a lot of good things have happened to me.  The one thing that really stands out is that my mom was released from the hospital on Sunday (just in time for the Seahawks game).  It’s not just that my mom was released from the hospital either, it was a lot of things that surrounded that that was also great.

For one, my mom being in the hospital meant that she was finally going to get better.  She was going on two weeks of avoiding going in because she thought it wasn’t anything huge (I am also guilty of that).

I also feel like it brought my whole family closer.  I got some much needed time with my sister, who took some days off with me to be with our mom.  Also, my mom and I connected more since she was stuck in a hospital bed and we were stuck in the hospital.

Plus, Husband and I got alone time at the house (even though we had four dogs to take care of).  It was really nice to see what it would be like if we were living in our own house by ourselves.  We have learned that we wouldn’t be doing it with four dogs though, at least for now.

I am very glad that my mom is out of the hospital and feeling so much better.  I hope she continues to feel better and that we can spend more time together soon!

What is something good that has happened to you recently?  Share below!



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