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My September 2018 Favorites

September was pretty great! I love this time of year because the air gets crisper, sweaters are acceptable, but it is still relatively nice in the afternoons. I am so excited to share with you my September favorites! Just a word of warning, these next few months are going to be very holiday and weather themed. Sorry not sorry.

Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Lattes

giphy (24).gif

Guys, I was so excited to hear that Pumpkin Spice was back because Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Lattes are the best. I do miss the Oprah Chai but you still can’t go wrong with pumpkin anything. I love the ones from Dutch Bros. (they call it a Pumpkin Pie Chai Tea Latte) but the ones from Starbucks are great too!

Runescape Mobile

My brother-in-law reminded me about Runescape Mobile and it was at the moment when Husband and I had both secretly downloaded it that I really jumped into it. Most of the time, the reason why I haven’t blogged is because I’m playing Runescape Mobile. I can’t tell if I keep playing because I enjoy it (I do) or if it’s because my character is ahead of Husband’s and I want to keep it that way though.

MC Hammer Shirt


I try to follow a rule when I find something at the store that I want. If I go home and I still want the item, I give myself a day before I can go back and get the item. This shirt is one of my greatest finds. It was at Target for like $7 and it is so comfy. Plus, it is basically always Hammer Time.

Two Point Hospital

I have been waiting for this game for such a long time. It finally came out at the end of August and I have been playing this non-stop. It is a simulator game where you run a hospital with silly illnesses. It is super silly and I highly suggest it. They have illnesses such as light-headedness where the patients heads are lightbulbs. It’s such a fun game and I will probably go play it again after this.

Imperfect Produce

I am so excited about this one. Imperfect Produce was something that I had heard about and signed up for last year, but it wasn’t available in my area until just recently. I have had three boxes and I love it. I wrote an in-depth review that you can see here.


giphy (25).gif

I got a humidifier a bit ago and I truly believe that it has saved me in the cold weather when my windows are closed. I don’t have a spiffy one but it definitely comes in handy. Also, I also think my humidifier has saved my plants life by inadvertently watering them with their mist. Thank you, humidifier! Tip: when you purchase a humidifier, get a cold-mist one to avoid mold.

Domino’s Pizza

giphy (27).gif

So I’ll admit, lately I’ve been way too lazy to cook – especially since a Domino’s Pizza opened right down the road from me. So instead of going grocery shopping the day before my cooking week starts (we split it between my mom and me), I go grocery shopping at the grocery store next to Domino’s and then get pizza afterwards for my first night of cooking, I have no regrets.



It is getting to be that nice weather where it is insanely cold in the morning and insanely warm in the afternoon. In the mornings, I am super happy wearing my sweatpants and turning on the fireplace before the kiddos come in the morning. I am really excited when I can keep the fireplace on in the evenings so I can make a nest next to the fire and read.


It is boot season! I don’t know why I love boots so much, but they are so dang cute with jeans and it is the greatest. Usually I have always worn long boots but this year I only bought booties. Life hack: if you have small feet like me, instead of shopping in adult sizes, get kid sizes. I am in an adult size 6 and a kid size 4. I saved almost $10 by shopping kid sizes.


The trifecta of perfection for me during Autumn is boots, sweaters, and pumpkin spice. I have so many sweaters and I feel like I never have enough time to wear them. When I’m just working and not needing to look too cute that day, my favorite combination is a hoodie and sweatpants. As I type this, I am currently wearing a dress, but now I have to go put on my sweatpants. It’s so cold.

Can you relate to any of these? What were your favorites this month? I’d love to hear from you!

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