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30 Days of Me – Someone Who Has Impacted My Life

It is really difficult to choose just one person who has impacted my life.  With that being said, you probably at this point know that it’s either going to be Husband or Miss K that has impacted my life and, you’re correct.  To not credit Husband with the way he has impacted my life would not be fair.  That isn’t saying that Miss K hasn’t impacted my life, because she has.  Husband gave me a new start on my life and a new outlook that I will forever be grateful for.


You already know how we met so I won’t bore you with those details again, but it is important to know that before I met Husband, I had been in really bad relationships.  Abusive relationships.  These relationships were both physically and emotionally abusive and it really morphed the way I viewed myself and my relationships.  In fact, Husband and my relationship is the first healthy relationship that I’ve really truly been in.

Husband has taught me what unconditional love is.  He showed me that my dreams are actually something worthwhile and I definitely owe this blog to him!  He encourages me every day and even though sometimes it seems like I am more of a burden on him than anything else, he takes it with stride and patience.


He proved wrong all the things that I was forced to believe.  He showed me the value within myself and helped me find my place in his world and my own.  He continues to show me the person that I could be and the person that I’ve become.

Husband sacrifices so much so that I can run my blog and do what I need and want to do.  Plus, he puts up with my small quirks and allows me to be who I am.  He is my protector but allows me to also protect myself.  He is my voice when I can’t speak, but he also allows me to speak for myself.  He has shown me what it’s like to be in a relationship and not be with someone who has their own ideas for you.


These are lessons that he has helped guide me through that will forever stay with me.  It’s still a challenge at times and I know that he will always have my back when I can’t have my own.  I am forever thankful for how he has impacted my life and changed it.

Who is someone that has impacted your life?

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