I Discovered Mermaid Bread


Do you remember when I discovered Unicorn Bread?  Well the same creators of Unicorn Bread, Bakehouse Bread Company, created Mermaid Bread!  I just had to try it!  Like the Unicorn Bread, Mermaid Bread was at Kroger for a limited time (unfortunately you can’t get it anymore) but I hope that they will become yearly special edition bread because oh my gosh.  They both are so good!  The Mermaid Bread was part of a display that involved other baked mermaid goods.  It was quite the sight and I am sad to say that I didn’t get a photo of the display.


The top of the Mermaid Bread was very well themed.  The bread looked to be the same pound cake as the Unicorn Bread but it had a thinner white glaze drizzle on top with clear, purple, and blue crystal sprinkles instead of the Unicorn-themed confetti sprinkles.  I was really excited to see what the inside was like because I was pleasantly surprised with the Unicorn’s rainbow insides.  The inside though had nothing in it.


The taste was amazing.  This time I had it immediately so it was at its perfect freshness.  The cake was moist and sweet.  Even though there was a ton of sweet stuff on top of the bread, it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet and it was the perfect breakfast (yes, I had this for breakfast).


I’m sad to see this bread off the shelf (Kroger had these in their clearance section the other day and I bought like five of them.  No regrets).  But, with the second release (that I’ve heard of) of these awesomely themed breads, I’m confident that Bakehouse Bread Company will release more in the future.  Until then, I will be impatiently waiting.  I hope I stocked up on enough to last me until more are released, they taste so amazing.  Even Eevee thinks so.  She ate a few slices that were on the table (and I cried).



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