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FREE PRINTABLE Potty Training Tracker

Potty training is hard.  Maybe you’ve read my previous posts about tips for potty training your children, if you haven’t you should definitely check that out:

As mentioned in the blog posts, using incentives with your children is always a great idea to encourage them to do things.  I always like using a scale where the grander the task, the better the reward.  For instance, if you sit on the potty and don’t go, you’ll get a small prize versus going all night without having an accident deserves a huge prize.

Well, there are some con artists kids who will just sit on the potty to get the small prize because a small prize is better than no prize at all (which is true).  So, I’ve had to employ the use of potty charts.  Maybe the kids will still try to con you into getting the prizes, but at least it’ll be spaced out.

Introducing, the potty tracker!  Before you start using this, sit down with your children to discuss what the prizes will be and the guidelines.  Maybe they only get a sticker, mark, dot, whatever if they sit on the potty for at least 5 minutes.  Whatever you and your child decide is what you should use!


Hang the chart up next to the toilet and let your child pick out stickers or methods to mark the spots when they’ve been achieved.  As they complete the chart, allow your child to mark the spots.  Having them mark the spots allows them to see what they’ve accomplished for themselves and can help encourage them to go more.

If you need to start small, feel free to decrease the squares or start without the chart.  For everyone’s convenience, I have added a blank chart with the filled in one so you can make your own goals for potty training if you need to.

Let me know how it works out for you!  What other printables would you like to see?

Click on the image to get the printable.

Potty Training Chart.png

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