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My July 2018 Favorites

There were so many things that happened in July!  My sister got married, I went on a vacation, and I had some crazy times at work.  Since July was so busy, I barely had time to write this list but I am so glad that I got it done!  Here are my favorites for July!

Kroger Marinated Pork Roasts & Slow Cooker Pork Meals


There are times when I don’t want to cook.  Ok, it’s not so much that I don’t want to cook, I just definitely don’t want to clean.  I discovered these pork meals that you cook in the bag and it has saved me from the mess and they are really good.  They come in loin form and slow cooker form.  My favorite is pork carnitas!


The Art of War


I have been wanting to read this book forever and I finally had a chance to buy the book and read it.  I haven’t finished reading it, but I have certainly learned a lot and gained a different outlook.  My nephew saw me reading it and thought I was training to be a shōgun.  Not only was I impressed that he knew what that was, but the idea that he thinks that is something I’m not going to correct him on either.


My Favorite Murder


I find murder fascinating.  I have been very much into learning about the mind of killers ever since I studied 100 serial killers to find any correlation for my Capstone for my Associate’s degree.  My therapist (of all people) suggested I listen to a podcast called My Favorite Murder and I am obsessed.  It’s just two women who talk about their favorite murders and if you are interested in this kind of stuff and don’t mind swearing and sick humor, I’d highly recommend it.


Civilization 5

I have always loved Civilization, but I recently started playing it with Husband and I have fallen in love with it.  My once timid personality has been replaced with a power-thirsty ruler who wants to conquer the world and that has also been fun.  The only issue is these games take FOREVER.  I hope that one weekend we can just dedicate a weekend to finish a game, start to finish but, adulthood, parenthood, and life get in the way.

Pina Colada Oreo Thins


Guys.  If you like Pina Coladas (and getting caught in the rain) I highly suggest these.  They are super thin and super light Oreos that I am obsessed with.  Even Husband, who doesn’t like coconut loves them (which sucks because now I have to share).


Holographic Stuff

Ever since I found out about Simply Nailogical, I have become what is known as a “holosexual” – basically someone who is obsessed with holographic stuff.  I love how shiny it is!  I have a pair of holo Toms and I recently got holo nails for my sister’s wedding and I can’t stop staring at them.


Days Off

giphy (8).gif

Lately, my work days have been exhausting.  With everything happening all at once (all the time) I am so happy for days off.  This month, I’ve had the 4th of July off and then a week for my sister’s wedding and family visits.  It has been so great.  I always forget how much I love (and need) time off until I get time off.


Incredibles Two

giphy (9).gif

I didn’t see the original Incredibles until I was in my early 20s.  Regardless, I was so excited to see Incredibles 2 when it came out, which I did.  I will say, it did go under scrutiny for not releasing that it is not photo-sensitive friendly and it is so true.  The main villain uses screens as weapons and the flashes are very strobe-like.  If you are a fan of the original Incredibles, I highly suggest going to see this one.


My Reusable Shopping Bag


I took my “second daughter” to Target with me and obviously we spoiled her.  Well, while I was cruising the dollar section and found this shopping tote for $3.  I had to get it.  It says “This little piggy went to market” which is not a lie.  This little piggy goes to market…a lot.


X-ACTO Knife


Do you remember the blog post where I told you I was definitely afraid of X-ACTO knives?  Well, I grew out of it because it is a game-changing knife that saves you so much time.  Guys, I was able to cut tape around the glass so easily and how was I going to do that without it?  I’ll tell ya, it’d be gosh darn impossible.

Those are my favorites for July!  What were your favorite things in July?  Share them below!


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