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FREE PRINTABLE – Budget Worksheet

I am obsessed with tracking and making lists.  One of my proudest things that I have accomplished is helping Husband and I get out of debt.  I wouldn’t be able to do this without keeping a tight budget.  Using a budgeting worksheet has really helped me see where our money is going and how much wiggle room we have to do the things we want in life.  It is also helping us get a house.  I really wanted to share my budgeting worksheet with everyone because I know it can help other people too!

It’s so easy to use as well.  I honestly thought that keeping a budget would be super hard, but it was so easy that I felt silly for being intimidated by it in the past.  I was also able to see that we were living paycheck to paycheck so I made some adjustments to our lifestyle.  Now, we’re working on paying off our debts (debt tracker to come later).

I am offering this free printable in color and black and white.  Did I mention this is free?  The printable comes with a worksheet that has expenses already filled in and a blank one where you can fill in your own expenses.

To get the printable, click below!




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