My Vacation 2018 – Weddings and Family Galore! (Photo Dump)

As some of you may know, my sister got married on July 14th in the Cave at Eagle Landing.  It was SO beautiful and I had the great honor of being her matron of honor.  With the wedding happening, family also came into town.  So, between Thursday night and Wednesday morning, we were entertaining and coordinating family and wedding.  Friday was the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and the after party before the wedding.

My sister and me at the venue for rehearsal.
Mrs & Mrs
The Bride and Groom

Saturday was the wedding.  There were lots of tears and I took too many photos.  For your sanity, I will only post a couple.

The venue at night.


Sneak peek from A Lovely Day Photography of the bride and groom.

Sunday we toured Portland…well, the International Rose Garden and my favorite place on Earth – Powell’s Bookstore.  It was way too hot to be outside so we were thankful to have cut all our outside time short.  We ended the day with eating at Beaches out on the waterfront.

It was so hot outside that my phone wouldn’t let me take pictures without it overheating.  This was the only picture I got at the rose garden of roses.
I was going to touch the wall but it burned my hand.  I tried to make it look like I was still touching it but failed miserably.
The Columbia River at sunset.  So beautiful.

Monday we went to Cannon Beach and Seaside, Oregon.  We were happy to leave the hot weather but I was not looking forward to the car ride.  Fortunately, I slept most of the way to and back.  I didn’t take many pictures.  I only took 4.  I’ll post the two best here.

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach
Nephew 1 at Seaside, OR.  I didn’t want to leave the Pokestop walk down the flight of stairs to join him.  I was exhausted.

Tuesday was a trip down the Columbia River Gorge.  We stopped at Haystack Rock, Bonneville Dam, and ended at Multnomah Falls.  It was a lot cooler that day although I still managed to sweat my butt off.

Haystack Rock
View of Mt. Hood
Multnomah Falls
Columbia River from Vista House

Wednesday was the end of the chaotic part of our vacation.  We dropped off my dad at the airport and then Husband and I went to the arcade for our anniversary.  It was pretty great and it was the perfect ending to vacation part one.

The only picture I got during the arcade trip.  This picture is all I need though (sorry Husband).

The rest of the vacation was spent sleeping, cleaning, and dreading vacation ending.  So, boring stuff.  I hope by the end of the week I can catch up on sleep and start feeling like my normal self again.  Have you had any amazing things happen this summer?



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