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Storytime – The Day That I Could Not

I feel like there is so much that happens in my life and I don’t get to share it with you for various reasons.  I don’t like to blog too much about my personal life because it involves so many people and sometimes they don’t like to be in the light.  But, I got expressed permission from Husband to share this story so I’m going to.  Are you ready for this?  It gets CRAZY.

So, if you read my previous blog post about Hand, Foot, & Mouth disease, you already knew that it was running rampant in our daycare and through Husband’s family.  I was convinced that I was going to get HFMD because I am constantly around the kiddos and HFMD is most contagious before symptoms even start to show – awesome.

From that paragraph, you can probably guess what’s coming.  HFMD struck the household.  We weren’t sure where it came from, but the daycare had been a few weeks clean of HFMD and Sister-in-Law #1’s Husband had HFMD when we saw him (although we didn’t have any physical contact with him.)  But, about a week after we got together at Mother-in-Law‘s house for a family get-together, Husband got a fever.  I was low-key thankful that Husband was going to stay home on a Friday because I am not in the business of waiting hours to order Uber Eats because he’s not home.  Things were doing okay for me.  Husband had semi-reverted back to a preschooler but I was busy Thursday night with Sister’s wedding dress fitting and Friday with work.  He spent most of the time sleeping but on Saturday things got a little crazy.

Husband started complaining that he was very sensitive and could barely walk.  He started developing patches of deep red and some spots were popping up on his ears and nose.  I was pretty convinced that, despite what he was thinking, it was HFMD and to prove my point, I kissed him.  I mainly attributed this to him acting like a baby because he was sick and left it at that.  I was grouchy because I was getting sick (another reason why I didn’t think it was HFMD) but I was well enough to keep the household together.  I was very eager for some help the next day because I knew my super-human powers of keeping it together while sick wasn’t going to stick the next day.  I went to bed with high hopes for the next day, which was our big chore day.

giphy (4).gif

Well, guess what didn’t get done the next day?  That’s right – the chores.  Husband had called the Nurse’s Helpline to get a diagnosis on the rash.  They decided that they couldn’t place a diagnosis over the phone because it sounded like it could be a lot of things.  Husband also announced that his…family gems were sore and making it so he could barely walk.  The nurse suggested going to Urgent Care to be seen to get a formal diagnosis.  While he made the trek to Urgent Care I decided to stay home in bed because I was NOT feeling okay.  A few hours later, I get a phone call from Husband who said that he does, in fact, have HFMD.  A few seconds after I got off the phone, MIL texted me saying “And you kissed him!”  I sure did.  I feared the inevitable.

Husband came home and I put on a hazmat suit (not really).  He was annoyed that he forgot to ask about his gems.  So, he called the Nurse’s Helpline again who transferred him to a doctor.  They urged him to go to the Emergency Room because it could be that he twisted something in his ballsack that would basically make him die or something.  If he did have this, he’d have to get emergency surgery so I decided I’d be a good wife and go with him this time.  We got there, I wore one of those stupid face masks (that was too big for my face), and we were seen decently quick for an ER on a Sunday afternoon.  After spending three hours total just in the Emergency Room (I will not go into those details for you), it turned out the pain was just something that can develop because of HFMD and there is no treatment for it.  You guys.  We went through that whole endeavor and spent $300 to have someone say this to us.  At this point, I was just relieved that we could go home, didn’t have to spend the night in the hospital, and I could eat some BBQ Mac & Cheese and go to bed, which is exactly what I did.


I had to stay away from Husband until the blisters went away, which took about a week.  I couldn’t kiss, hug, touch, or cuddle him at all.  It was hard.  But, guess what?  I didn’t get HFMD even after I kissed him.


4 thoughts on “Storytime – The Day That I Could Not”

  1. That was definitely an adventure!! I still can’t believe that actually happened. Not fun at all. Really glad you didn’t end up getting it too though! Imagine if both of us had it at the same time, the world would fall apart 😉


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