Why I Sleep with Stuffed Animals

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Fact – I am currently 28 years old.

Also fact – I sleep with three stuffed animals.

Why?  Well, probably the same reason a child will sleep with a stuffed animal.

I have two stuffed animals that I can’t sleep without.  The first one was a grumpy ram that I got from Husband for our 4 year dating anniversary.  His name is Ramsley and he’s my main squeeze (literally).  He is the one that I can’t go through the night without having nearby.

Stuffed animal number two is named Sherbert (Herbert and Sherbet combined).  I got him for Easter from Husband (notice the trend?)  He is a huuuuge stuffed rainbow alpaca that is too large for me to cuddle without clubbing Husband in the face.  Because of this, he sleeps next to me which means that between my stuffed animals and me, we take up three-fourths of the bed (sorry, Husband).

Lastly, I have Manny the Manatee.  I have him shoved up in the corner above my head because I’m honestly too lazy to find a spot for him somewhere else.  I won him from Toreba and he’s super squishy.


Some may laugh because I am a grown-a** woman (kinda) and still sleep with stuffed animals.  Up until I started this blog post, I thought that I was the only adult who did this but I found I am not!  There are many reasons why adults will sleep with stuffed animals and, don’t worry, psychologists have all agreed that so long as it doesn’t affect your every day life, it’s perfectly healthy.

Some psychologists mention that stuffed animals can be used as a coping mechanism for big transitions happening in your life.  Others state that it can be used for security, help ease loneliness, or that it’s just habit.

For me, I definitely sleep with my stuffed animals as a security.  I have severe anxiety and it keeps me up most nights.  Most nights, my anxious thoughts will get so bad, I won’t remember why I am having an anxiety attack.  I also don’t like to be touched when I’m having an anxiety attack so Husband can’t do much but try to talk me down.  When I am having anxiety, Ramsley is the perfect size to hold.  Plus, when I’m having anxiety right before bed, I can hold him and feel better.

To me, Ramsley holds all of my secrets, good and bad.  I saw him sitting on a vendor table at a convention that Husband and I were at and I just had to have him.  I couldn’t justify purchasing him (he was a little expensive) but Husband got him for me as an anniversary present.  It’s so hard to explain why I have such an attachment, and I feel like any stuffed animal that was purchased by someone I love would hold the same value for me.

Ramsley and Sherbert were presents from Husband that I love dearly.  I’ve always loved plushies and Husband knew what he was getting himself into when he purchased them for me.  Both these stuffed animals has seen my growth as an adult and been there for the big downers in my life.  They don’t judge when I talk to them and they are always there when I need them.

I don’t sleep with them all the time.  When I’m not anxious, Ramsley and Sherbert sit on the side of the bed.  But, I know they are always there when I need them.  I’m fortunate enough to have Husband, who understands and encourages the use of them as tools.  I’m sure one day I will pass them along or put them on my shelf.  I know KB has been eyeing Ramsley for quite some time.

Do you still have your stuffed animals from your childhood?  Do you sleep with any stuffed animals?  Share your stories below!


11 thoughts on “Why I Sleep with Stuffed Animals”

  1. Most of my stuffed animals ended up in my kids beds – although I don’t sleep with them anymore, I like knowing they are with the kiddos for their comfort!


    1. I gave a lot of my stuffed animals to my daughter too. She has a loft bed and underneath her bed is filled with stuffed animals (it was supposed to be her clubhouse but she doesn’t have room for herself under there anymore!) Thanks for reading!


  2. Yes I still have a cute teddy bear from my college time and sometime I hug it and sleep In the night,that’s sound little silly to others but it take away my loneliness whenever I hug my teddy


  3. “They don’t judge when I talk to them and they are always there when I need them.” YES.

    I don’t sleep with stuffed animals at home, but I have a teddy bear that I started an IG for and I do sleep with him when I travel. He’s become sort of my “safe travels” charm and the last time I traveled I left him at home and felt anxious most of my trip. Sometimes I feel like he functions as a service animal for me. I donated 95% of my stuffed animals when I was doing my last massive cleaning, but I kept five for myself (two of which were too old to donate and I couldn’t bear the thought of them being thrown in the trash). I’m sorry about your anxiety but glad you have Ramsley :)!


    1. Lily,
      Thanks for reading! I tend to save the stuffed animals that I know wouldn’t stand a chance in the world! We need more people like you 🙂 I’m glad I have Ramsley too! I’m glad you have your bear and I will have to find his IG to follow him and your adventures!

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