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My May 2018 Favorites

Boy, May was crazy busy! A Bridal Shower, family life, work, it’s all been chaotic. When I sat down to write this, I feel like I couldn’t even clear my brain enough to think of what my favorites were this month. Fortunately, I was able to think long enough to come up with a list (and make a mental note that I should probably be writing this down as I go through the months).

Skyrim (Switch Edition)

giphy (11).gif
Really, this is what I spend most of my time doing.

Husband got me Skyrim for the Switch for Mother’s Day! I am a huge fan of Skyrim and I have such amazing memories playing it with Husband. I don’t have a lot of Switch games and was so excited to get Skyrim! It translated very well to the Switch and love the hand-held capabilities of the Switch version.


giphy (12).gif

Okay, it seems like I go through spurts of being obsessed with Chipotle. Not that I’m never not obsessed with Chipotle, but I go through phases of always wanting Chipotle. With my sister’s bridal shower, I definitely got a taste for Mexican and now I can’t stop thinking of barbacoa burritos. In fact, I may have to get some Chipotle tonight.

Handwriting Book


For Mother’s Day my sister and family got me a book on learning how to handwrite and calligraphy. I had always wanted to learn and I was eager to start learning. It was harder than expected! But, it is so relaxing to just practice.

Wonder Woman Snuggie


For Mother’s Day all I wanted to do was go to Dave & Buster’s. I love arcades and I especially love coin pushers. We typically go to the arcade once a month and put $100 in one card for everyone to use. I was promised that all the points that we won would be used for prizes for me (because Mother’s Day). I picked up a Unicorn LED light and a Wonder Woman Snuggie. Even though we are hitting temperatures in the 90s, I still sit under this Snuggie and I sleep with it too. I tend to get cold easy and this is my new favorite thing.


giphy (13).gif

We have been renovating the daycare with more activities and organization. I have beene exclusively using Pinterest to help me with this. I have found so many ideas for the daycare (you can find them on my profile) and I have been meal planning exclusively from Pinterest lately. It’s such a great tool and I am a Pinaddict!

Brooklyn 99

giphy (14).gif

I have been on a roller coaster of emotions with this show. Husband’s family introduced us to this show and it is right up my alley. For the readers that didn’t know, I recently graduated from college with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology. I also have an Associate of Science in Criminology and Forensic Technology. I had always played with the idea of becoming a police officer, but I definitely feel like force and physical assertion is not my forte. I am more of a bookworm and feeling person. Anyway, Brooklyn 99 has definitely made me feel like I can get that side of me out of my system. Plus, it is hilarious. The cast is perfect and I’m glad to report that after Fox dropped them like a hot rock (I still don’t understand why), NBC picked them up and they have another season.


I have always loved the Toms brand. I had been urging my mom to start trying them and just recently she did. I knew that I wanted to wear Toms for my sister’s wedding (mainly because I just wanted new Toms) and when Husband and I went to the mall to get some, I got two pairs. One was basic gray and one was holographic. Let me tell you, these holographic Toms have made me stop dead in my tracks to stare at how shiny they are. I am glad I have two pairs because I definitely don’t want these Toms to get destroyed. What’s better is that they were on sale for $30. It’s an overall win for my feet.

Google Music

If you remember from my April Favorites I recently switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S9+. With that, I had to make the switch from Apple Music to Google Music. Sometimes I still miss Apple Music, but Google Music has not let me down. It’s the same price as Apple Music but Google Music comes with YouTube Red, which I didn’t think I needed but turns out I did.

Lavender Chai Tea Latte

I don’t like coffee so when my mom offers to buy me coffee or I need a pick me up I either go for a flavored energy drink (I know, they are awful for you) or a Chai Tea Latte. Now that we’re entering warm weather season, I’ve searched for a drink that is nice and light. Enter lavender flavoring. Lavender Chai Tea Latte is life. I always get mine iced and it creates a not too sweet drink. If you have access to it (they have them at Black Rock Coffee Bar) I would highly suggest trying Lavender in your favorite drink.

You are a BADASS


I have been in a self-help book kick lately. I feel like I need to better myself since I’m almost 30. I have seen this book circulating and I have ignored it. But when Husband and I went to the mall and we went to the bookstore, I was drawn to this. I am so glad I purchased it. Jen Sincero has a whole series of self-help books that are meant to help better yourself. She is hilarious and she spills so much truth that it gives you a huge wakeup call but not like you are a f*ckup but just “Oh wow! I should probably start changing this.” I defintely think that every person who is either entering their 20s or 30s should read this book. I can’t wait to purchase more books from her.


7 thoughts on “My May 2018 Favorites”

    1. Thanks Miriam! I have to fight for the snuggie now because everyone wants it. I completely believe it was fate that brought that snuggie and me together.


    1. Lacy, I think you and I would get along! The book is great and I’ve already completed the majority of the book. I’m going to have to find more to fill up! Thanks for reading!


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