My April 2018 Favorites

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I can’t believe that April is over already. Wasn’t it just January yesterday (at least it feels like it). In the spirit of this being a lifestyle blog, I wanted to start a monthly series where I quickly review my favorite things for the month. I know that most of the time, my blog posts reflect parenthood, reviews, and DIY, but some of my favorite things may not come close to what I normally write about, so be prepared. Here are ten of my favorite things in the month of April.



My sister introduced me to Cirkul earlier this month. I got it the day before Easter and was in love with it. The concept behind Cirkul is to allow you to build yourself up to the taste of regular water. For me, I can’t stand the taste of regular water, so this water bottle is awesome. You buy cartridges and insert them into the water bottle and you set the dial on the bottle to determine how much flavoring you want. If you are interested, you can get it here. I will be releasing a longer review of it soon. Stay tuned for that!

Bodak Yellow

Okay, I don’t know why I love this song so much. It started out with me being super fascinated with Cardi B and then I grew to love this song. Now I’m obsessed and regularly annoy Husband with it. It makes me feel like a bada** mommy and just overall bada** human. If you haven’t listened to it, and rap is your jam, you should have a listen with no children in the room. It is innapropriate for little ears.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

I know nothing about technology. But, after my iPhone broke, I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S9+ for a number of reasons, mainly because it was said that the camera on the Galaxy S9+ is the best on the market. I am so glad that I made the switch and this has quickly turned out to be my favorite phone for a number of reasons, although the camera is still one of my favorites.

My Blog Idea Journal


I got this journal at Michael’s for $5. It is just a nice bound journal with a ribbon page marker in it, but the message on the front always makes me feel so inspired. I use this journal to house my blog post ideas and it is helping me keep on the hard path to blog writing, no matter how uninspired I may feel prior to writing. I blinged out my journal to house a few more things and I love it even more.


My husband started a new job about 40 minutes away with no traffic. With us only having one car, that means that I have to get creative with weekly grocery shopping, which we do on Monday. I have found a program called Instacart that allows for someone to do my grocery shopping for me and they deliver it to my door. It saves me so much time. Yes, I can’t generally shop the deals at the store, but I think it’s worth it so that I don’t have to fight over the car. If you are interested in trying out Instacart, check out my link here and get $10 off your first order.

Sims 4

Everyone needs to unwind. Because I work from home at an in-home daycare, I will often blog through nap, but sometimes when I’ve had a particularly stressful day, I will play Sims 4. Sims 4 allows me to have a better life than I do currently by living in a huge lavish house with seven dogs. Dreams.


I have been visiting Michael’s a lot because of the upcoming bridal shower (that is happening tomorrow!) I’ve dragged Husband there, who knows better than to let me loose in Michael’s. I’ve also been there with my mom…after dinner and drinks. I may have been a little tipsy. But, I love that I can get anything I need, everything I want, and there’s always coupons.

Capri Sun

Guys, I know I’m not an elementary schooler anymore (even if I was, my mom would never let me get Capri Sun), but have you tried drinking Capri Sun as an adult? Pacific Cooler is still my favorite flavor and I drink one (sometimes two) before bed every night. Probably not the most health conscious decision, but I like to live a little.


I recently purchased Hulu after months of thinking that Netflix was enough. Guess what? It wasn’t. I finally found what my life has been missing all these months. This is Us, Brooklyn 99, Keeping Up With the Kardashians?! (Okay, I know. I can’t help it.) It’s the perfect thing to watch when I’m folding the mountain of laundry that never seems to vanish. Ya’ll, if you’ve been thinking of getting Hulu, do it. Right now. Close this blog post and get it.

Sherpa Blankets

giphy (2).gif

Lastly, in the spirit of SpringWinter and 30 something degree nights and mornings, there is nothing better than sleeping under a couple Sherpa blankets. So I sleep under six blankets every night and I honestly am dreading Summer because all those blankets will go back in the closet. But, until then, I am living up the Sherpa life. Get one here for $29.99.

Bonus Favorite

giphy (3).gif

I caught Husband messing with the dog. I managed to get a one second video and turned it into a GIF. Every time I see this I pee my pants laughing. I figured I would spread the love. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “My April 2018 Favorites”

    1. I am obsessed with soft blankets and I didn’t get my first one until last year. I don’t think I will ever go back! Ugg came out with a Sherpa blanket bed set and I’m sad to see that they were recalled. I’m sure Bed, Bath, and Beyond thought I was beyond creepy for just laying across the display though.


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