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Tamagotchi Tama-got-to-go

I was a typical 90s kid and had many MANY Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi knockoffs.  When I say many, I had like three, but that’s enough for a kid who barely knows how to take care of herself.  Do you want to know how all three ended?  Death.  Destruction.  Ignored until the battery died.  Lost under the bed forever.  Ya, I wasn’t a great Tama parent but, to be fair, I also had my two Furbies and Poochi to take care of.  I was a busy mom.

nostalgic 90s GIF-downsized_large

Looking back on these memories, I feel like I loved my Tamagotchi.  I mean, I’m 28 now and the OG Tamagotchi was such a long time ago.  Maybe I experienced some sort of memory bias when I was standing in line at GameStop and saw the new version of Tamagotchi just sitting there.  I experienced such excitement as I pulled two from the shelf so my husband and I could both relive our childhoods.

As I was sitting on the toilet earlier today, frantically cleaning up my Tamagotchi’s poop and feeding it before it died, I realized how utterly crazy I am.  Why did I spend $14 on a child’s toy that requires me to feed, entertain, and clean up after a virtual pet?  I am a mom.  I work in a daycare!  Don’t I get enough of that during the day?  Why would I want to play with a toy that adds more work for me?

Sure, this whole thing may have started as a nostalgia trip for me, but after my husband and I started raising our Tamagotchi together, it quickly turned into a competition.  Herbert, my Tamagotchi, was going to outlive his Tamagotchi and I was going to win!  His died a few days later and I kept mine going for appearances.  I look at poor Herbert every day and feel bad that I don’t have that parental bond with him.  But, as a responsible mother and adult, I can no longer just ignore him.  So what do I do when I can’t just conveniently hide him under the bed?  Do I just accept the fact that I will forever be responsible for another child, at least until his batteries run out?  Or, do I pass him along to his death?

Whatever happens, I’m sure that Herbert somehow knows that I am plotting his “end”.  He’s pooped way more than usual and is definitely grumpy.

Herbert is currently ignoring me for photos.  What a jerk.

Readers, just remember this.  As an adult, some things are better off as memories.  A time that once was and will never be again.  If you ever think that you might want to purchase a Tamagotchi again, just remember children.  Maybe I’m bias because I work in a daycare, but caring for twelve kids is enough for me.  Fortunately, I’ve just about mastered swooping in at the last minute to care for Herbert just before he dies.  What a life to live, huh?

Did you have a Tamagotchi or a knockoff as a kid?  Did you get one of the new versions?  Share your Tamagotchi stories below!  I’d love to hear them!


6 thoughts on “Tamagotchi Tama-got-to-go”

  1. I love Tamagotchis too! I never had a real one though, just a knockoff. I did however just recently purchase one of those new ones from GameStop! Only died twice so far 😉
    I loved this, made me laugh! Keep up the great work!!


  2. Omg!!!! I used to love those and gigapets! I do not need to find one of these in the store. As I will get too caught up in it as you and your husband did.


  3. LOL! I had both a real Tamagotchi and a knockoff as a kid. Looking back, I’m kinda embarrassed and ashamed at how much money I spent (or rather, pestered my parents into spending) on fad toys. And I wholeheartedly agree that some (maybe most?) things are better in our memories than in reality. The few times I’ve tried to relive my childhood were rather disappointing 😦


    1. I think it’s because we are smarter now that we don’t enjoy old toys that much. Although, I stand by my thought that Squeez-Its would still be amazing if they were around today. Thanks for reading!


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