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Mother Nature – The most indecisive mother ever

This Winter has been the craziest we’ve had in a while.  If you recall, I had spent the first half of December wishing for a snow day.  Of course, it did not disappoint as we spent the majority of December and some of January trapped in our house because of all the snow and ice.  In fact, it got to the point where I got tired of the snow (I didn’t realize that was a thing).  I was happy as it neared my birthday because it meant that Spring was right around the corner which meant warm weather.

As we drew nearer and nearer a few things started happening.  The children in our daycare grew crazier, the dogs started getting more hyper, and it started to rain non-stop.  I would constantly check the weather on my phone to see if there were any upcoming days where it wouldn’t rain and, guess what?  The days where they weren’t predicting rain, they were predicting snow.  SNOW!

Are you f^?@*!< kidding me?!

To be quite honest, at this point I was so tired of the rain, I wouldn’t have minded the snow.  And trust me, it did snow.  It snowed long enough to kind of coat the ground but of course it was warm out (a whopping 40 something degrees F) so it wouldn’t stick around.  After the snow would leave, the rain would take this opportunity to come back, full-force, to remind us that we are at the rain’s mercy.

I feel like it’s been raining for a month straight.  I mean, it honestly couldn’t be that long (right?) but any breaks in the rain we had only lasted enough for us to let our guard down and then the rain would come back.  Of course I decided to get my hair dyed in the middle of all of this so I was avoiding the rain like the plague.

Why yes, I did get Galaxy Hair!

I was starting to think that Mother Nature was playing a cruel trick when I walked outside on Sunday and it was sunny.  I forgot what the sun felt like against my skin and I actually didn’t need a jacket outside.  It was awesome to not have to worry about getting rained on (although I was very skeptical all day) and I even got to take the dogs to the dog park.  It was the most glorious day where it was in the 50s and we got to roll the windows down in the car and my allergies were acting up!

Of course, today it is raining.  When is the next sunny day going to be?  Probably when Husband and I are in New York for a week.  I expect when we get back it’ll be raining because Mother Nature hates me.  I just checked my weather app and it’s supposed to rain through next Wednesday and I can’t see beyond that but I expect more rain.

I am more than ready for the sunny days so I don’t have to clean muddy footprints off the ground and I can kick the children and the dogs outside when they start getting hyper.  Until then, please send help.

And Mother Nature, if for some reason you have access to this blog and you just so happened to be reading this, please send some sunshine.  I’ve had plenty of time to make some baked goods while I’ve been trapped inside and I am willing to make a trade for some sunshine.


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