20 Things to Get (Me) For Birthdays

It is January which means that at the end of this month I am turning 27 (eek!)  I have once again scoured Etsy to find items that would make awesome birthday presents.  Keep in mind, if the person you’re shopping for is nothing like me in any way, these presents probably won’t be very useful.  In the spirit of me turning 27, I was going to do 27 items but, also in the spirit of me turning 27, time is money!  I’ve become so busy (and so lazy) that 20 items is all I could muster up!  So enjoy these quirky, funny, awesome, and birthday related items that you should maybe get me because, you know, birthdays.

1. This birthday card that gently breaks the news to you from SplendidStreetPass.


I wouldn’t even be mad if I got this birthday card!  Get this quirky birthday card here for $4.25!

2. This food necklace that is cake and is scented from reverdefaire.


Warning: Be prepared for lots of food related items in this post (who doesn’t love food?) This is a mini cake necklace THAT SMELLS LIKE CAKE.  How better can that get?  Get it here for $15.

3. This astronaut necklace from RckStrDesigns.


I, for one, love anything related to space and science.  This is no exception.  Get this necklace here for $11.95.

4. Get this beautiful work of art from pinkwisteriadesigns.


This beautiful work of art needs to be displayed proudly in my room.  I mean, LOOK AT THIS BURGER.  It brings a tear to my eye.  Get it here for $70.

5. This amazing flask from GrecnyArt.


This store was featured on my blog before, but I can’t get enough!  These flasks are awesome and geeky and I am in love.  Get it here for $22.

6. This birthday pancake mix from MissKsSweetsnTreats.


Okay, let’s discuss for a second.  Pancakes, chocolate chips, and sprinkles?  That seems like a winning combo to me.  Get it here for $15!  FYI: It makes 10-12 pancakes.  That is a lot of pancakes for the birthday girl.

7. These cat butt coasters from GrayMatterArtistry.


I mean, I don’t think this needs much explanation.  Cat butts and coasters.  It’s meant to be.  Get it here for $11.99 (and it comes with two!)

8. These burger earrings from KennedyLondon.


These would totally match my hamburger shirt that I got because hamburgers are my spirit animal.  Get these earrings here for $7.95.

9. Speaking of food, these tiny cookie earrings from AmchiCreations.


I’m definitely obsessed with food and I am getting hungry now.  Get these cute earrings here for $10.

10. This useful ring dish from DezCustomCreations.


Because I am always losing my wedding ring when I take it off.  I think I need this.  Get it here for $10.

11. This geeky roll-up cosmetic bag from YoHoSew.


I mean, it’s a safe place to store stuff and it’s geeky (plus Doctor Who is my favorite).  You all should probably get it here for $19.

12. These sloth earrings from TheBeardedBee.


I am a huge fan of sloths and an even bigger fan of these earrings!  Get them here for $13.

13. Get this mantra wall art from PawprintIllustration.


I feel like I can never keep calm and love sloths, but that’s just me.  Get it here for $5.67.

14. This math themed infinity scarf from InfiniteInfinity1.


How cool is this scarf?  I am a huge fan of scarves, especially because my birthday is in Winter.  BUT IT’S MATH THEMED.  Get it here for $20.

15. This adorable cat dress from MySassyStitching.


I have been known to be a wearer of cat dresses.  I even got Miss K a matching cat dress with me.  This should also be added to my collection.  Get it here for $40.

16. This burger print from DazzlingDandelion.


I can imagine this in my house, in my kitchen, and staring at it wishing I had all of this in front of me.  Get it here for $11.35.

17. This wall print that speaks the truth from OhMyWordUK.


If you can successfully get out of bed, that is all the ambition you truly need.  Get this print here for $8.83.

18. This spaghetti and meatball bow from RebelSkein.


If you couldn’t tell, I love food.  This bow is SO AWESOME.  Get it here for $5.99.

19. Another mantra to live by from HelloAlexDesign.


I live by this mantra every day.  Get it here for $5.00.

20. Lastly, the perfect notebook for your life goals from MisterScribbles.


I mean, eventually I will take over the world.  Get it here for $8.


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