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What To Expect When Your Child Enters Daycare For The First Time

I’ve seen a lot of children come through my daycare.  It almost seems like there is a revolving door that constantly brings in and takes out children.  It’s always a sad time seeing them go, but the anticipation of new children coming always makes it better.  I get asked by a lot of parents who are dropping off their children for the first time if x behavior is normal.  A lot of the times, the answer is yes.  I decided to compile a list of some things to expect when your child enters daycare for the first time.

1. Drop off will probably be a little hard.

From my experience, drop off is always hard on the first day.  If your child hasn’t been in daycare before, expect your child to cling, cry, and do anything to keep you there.  It’s easier if you don’t linger and, even if they are screaming, it’s better to say you’ll be back later and leave.  Of course, comfort your child to an extent, but trust that the employees know what they are doing.  Chances are as soon as you get to the car your child will calm down.

2. It will probably continue that way for some time.

Your child will probably keep this up for some time.  It’s important to keep to a schedule when you drop off your child.  If you linger, your child will think that you are staying and it’ll be harder for your child.  Your child will start adjusting and eventually drop off will be easier.  Stay strong!  If your child senses that you’re distressed your child will start feeling distressed too!  In the car, talk about the day and how they are going to go to daycare and you are going to work and you’ll be back later!  It’ll help make the transition easier.

3. Don’t feel bad for staying in contact.

I have parents tell me that they feel bad for contacting us throughout the day to check in on their children.  Trust me, we don’t care if you check in!  We don’t mind texting you back, but keep in mind that we are probably super busy so we may not always reply right away.  Know that we have probably read the text message and plan on responding as soon as we have a moment to breathe.  You are entitled to know how your child is doing!  We want to make sure that your mind is at ease so you can get stuff done!

4. What your child does at home may not happen at daycare.

This is a huge one to remember, especially with milestones like potty training.  What your child does at home isn’t necessarily going to be what your child does at daycare.  Remember, your child is comfortable around you and may not feel as comfortable at daycare.  On top of that, with the different environment, more distractions, and the influence of other children, your child may act differently or progress differently.

5. The daycare employees know what they’re doing.

If you need any advice on development of children or if a behavior is normal, daycare workers are well equipped to give some sound advice.  Not only do we deal with tons of children but we are also required to do lots of training.  Trust that we can take care of your children and do it properly.  If you want our help with some sort of training – walking, pottying, talking, etc., trust that we are capable of doing it and if we give advice, take it.  We are here to help you.  We love your children too.  They grow on us and we put our heart and soul into helping your child grow.

These are only a few things to keep in mind but, if you need any advice or tips, feel free to contact me and I can answer your questions!  Keep in mind that every child is different!


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