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Children Taboo Words – Let It Go

Tuesday morning, after math class, I trudged downstairs in hopes of finding caffiene.  Instead, I saw my mom sitting at the counter watching a video on Facebook.  “Let it Go” was playing and I quickly glanced into the playroom to see if the children heard.  Fortunately, they were making so much noise they didn’t notice.  The conversation that unfolded after this was as followed:

Me: Mom!  What are you doing?!  Turn that off!

Mom: I’m just watching a video on Facebook!  It’s a light show!

Me: But -in a hushed voice- they are playing “Let it Go” in it!

At that very second, I turned to see if the daycare kids heard me.  Sure enough, one by one they started dancing and screaming singing at the top of their lungs to follow along with that video.  I quickly grabbed my soda and ran upstairs to my Frozen-free zone.

I’ve learned that if you don’t want to listen to that song a million times in a day, you should never mention Frozen, Elsa, snow queens, or letting it go.  If you do, it will be like an avalanche, no pun intended, of other Frozen songs that can get annoying very fast when 12 children are singing different parts of the song at the same time.

I’ve realized that these keywords may as well be up there with swear words.  Sure, the first few times they sing “Let it Go” it can be cute and adorable but you would think that Frozen fever would be done by now!  Of course, Miss K is no stranger to Frozen.  Husband and I even considered singing “Love is an Open Door” down the aisle at our wedding, fortunately we opted out of that.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Frozen.  It was a great movie.  But, there are otehr great movies now!  I am sitting here waiting until we can move onto the songs in those movies.  Please?  Is it time yet?

What other tabboo words do you know?  Comment them below along with your funny stories about Frozen or your tabboo words.


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