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Christmas Cards – A Dying Art?

When the Christmas season approaches I immediately start planning to send Christmas cards to my friends and family.  I painstakingly pick out the Christmas cards (get them at the Dollar Store!  12 Christmas cards for $1 with envelopes? Yes please), I choose the best themed stamps I can find, and, if I’m feeling especially ambitious, I write a little note in each one before I Husband seals them up (this year I was not ambitious).

I bought stamps for all the cards, which was actually pretty spendy for Christmas cards but, whatever, it comes once a. year.  While I was collecting addresses I received many comments about our Christmas cards.  Some think that sending Christmas cards via snail mail is outdated in this time and age of. technology.

To be honest, it seems like it’s more of a hassle than anything to collect the addresses, handwrite the addresses (I think next year I will invest in address labels), and sign every card (we had almost 40 cards to send this year).  But, my Bah! Humbug! spirit always leaves when I receive those responses to my hard work.  I feel it too when I get Christmas cards in the mail (although it seems like Miss K gets way more Christmas cards than me).

A Christmas card in the mail signifies that you’re being thought of.  It is well wishes for Christmas season and best wishes for the new year.  It is a bright ray of sunshine amongst all the stress that easily polllutes our lives.

For me, they may be outdated but they will always be appreciated.  I don’t think I’ll stop sending Christmas cards.  I put much love into the cards that I send and, for me, even if it’s once a year, it’s nice to recollect on the memories and the friendship and love I have for each person I send a card for.

What about you?  Do you think Christmas cards are outdated or do you think that they will forever be a part of the Christmas season?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards – A Dying Art?”

  1. Every year I promise I’ll send all my friends christmas cards by mail, but it never seems to happen in the last four years. Maybe I’ll try sending New Year Greetings? Cards are a dying art for sure!


    1. I agree they are also dying! It’s one of those things that I wish wouldn’t die! There’s nothing like getting a card in the mail, no matter what the reason!


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