The Cup Controversy

It seems like it’s that time of year again when the cup controversies start happening.  Don’t get me wrong.  If something offends you, I feel like you should stand tall for what you believe in, but there are limits to that.  For instance, a cup.  You know, those containers that hold that hot coffee when you need a pick me up and, more than likely you throw in the trash when you’re done with it?

Last year it was Starbucks’ plain red cups that are making a comeback this year.  Let’s back up a second, a plain red cup is sparking controversy.  Why?  Because it doesn’t have any typical Christmas cheer on it.  Starbucks wanted a blank canvas that was basically open to interpretation so everyone could enjoy it.  I’m sure that the reason Starbucks changed their cup is because those who don’t celebrate Christmas complained that it littered their cups!

It kind of reminds me of when two children are fighting over the same toy so I take away the toy because if they are going to fight about it, no one is going to have it…except in this case, it’s a cup.

The new controversy that is spreading now is the McDonald’s cafe cup that looks like a NSFW thing.  I won’t post it here, you’ll have to look it up.  But, seriously guys.  It is a pair of mittens.  Complaints are spreading that if you draw a few squiggly lines it will look like something else.  Honestly, if you feel the need to go through all that trouble to draw two squiggly lines to make it NSFW, more power to you.  Guess what?  If you leave it untouched it will look like a pair of mittens.  Problem solved!

I mean, you throw the cup away at the end anyway.

How do you feel about the cup controversy?  Do you think it’s something that is worth griping over or should they change the cups?


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