Never Ready to Go Back

I have had the pleasure of having a four day weekend.  Four days!  I have considered this a mini-vacation and even though I didn’t do much of anything, it was nice to have some time off of work (even if I got cabin fever because I was trapped inside my house due to ice.)

It seems to me though, that no matter how much time I get off I am never ready to go back.  I enjoy the chaos around my house, even if I don’t get any time to relax and I get so much stuff done when I’m not working.

Of course, I’m going on a trip this week to New York and it’s supposed to snow again while I’m gone.  I’m sure Husband, who is not going with me, will be very excited for that but of course the snow will come when I’m traveling in an airplane across the country.

Although I am not going to New York for pleasure, I’m going to try to treat it as another mini-vacation (I’m so spoiled.)  I got a bluetooth keyboard to write on the plane (and do homework) and my mother (who is going with me) got us a suite to stay in with a living room and a kitchen in it.  You can bet I am going to take pictures of it.

The only difference is, this time I will be ready to end my vacation.  Christmas is around the corner and do you know how many presents I’ve gotten for my family?  2.  And if you remember from a previous post, I have many family members I have to shop for.  After Christmas I get a week off (some of which Husband has off too) and at that point I’ll probably be all vacationed out.

Do you feel like you are ever ready to come back from vacation or do you think there should be year long vacations?

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