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10 Items That’ll Help Your Resolution

The new year is just around the corner and, like most everyone, I have a resolution.  For me, my resolution is to treat myself better and to blog more.  For some of you, it may be write more, weight loss, find a boyfriend, do well in school, whatever.  I hope that each and every one of you reach your resolution goal.  For me, staying motivated can be hard sometimes.  It’s sad to say, but buying new things just for the goal I had set helped me tremendously.  It was my pre-reward before I reached my goal.  It could be as simple as a water bottle.  Here I am, your own personal cheerleader rooting for you!  You can achieve your goals!  If you are like me and need help achieving your resolutions, check out this list!  Etsy items!  Support those small businesses!  Here are some items to help you with your resolutions!

1. For any resolution, wear a daily reminder with this bracelet from JKCEDesigns.


Look to this bracelet whenever you feel like you can’t carry on with your resolution.  Strive forward to achieve your goals!  Get it here for $12.95.

2. Never forget your list again and stay organized with this oversized clothespin set from TheBarnOwlsNest.


One of these clothespins were featured in my cheap gift list and they are back to make another appearance!  With these babies you’ll probably never forget about that to-do list or shopping list.  Get them here for $36 for the set of three.

3. Don’t forget to believe in yourself with this key fob from QuirkyGirlGifts.


Sometimes believing in yourself can be hard to do.  Remember to always keep pressing forward with this key fob.  Get it here for $6.99.

4. Remember to exercise hard with this tank top from DeadRingerDesigns.


Eat clean, train dirty.  That should be my new mantra.  There is nothing like a great exercise top to keep you going.  Get it here for $20.

5. Remember to drink water with this water bottle from VinylChicBoutique.


I know that I have issues with drinking water during the day.  Stay on track with hydrating yourself with this water bottle for $15.

6. This onesie is perfect for your little goal getters from getthepartystarted.


Even little ones can have New Year’s resolutions.  Help them reach their goals by getting this onesie for $21 here.

7. Get balanced with the help of this yoga mat holder from Keyaiira.


Not only can it be customized but the strap is made from pure leather.  Live that luxurious life.  You deserve it.  Get it here for $40!

8. Remember to stay positive with this necklace from VintageLoser.


Staying positive can be difficult sometimes.  Have a reminder around your next to always look on the bright side to help you with your positivity resolutions this year.  Get it here for $7.99.

9. Write your goals and stay motivated with this personalized journal from SnapdragonOnlineLtd.


Whenever you write in this journal you’ll be reminded that this is the year you are going to conquer all.  Get it here for $9.78.

10. Organize your life with these planner inserts from mystudentplan.


There is no better way to keep with your goals and your life than with a planner.  mystudentplan has multiple inserts for your planner.  Get them at her store here.


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