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The Christmas Song You Love to Hate

The Christmas season is now upon us.  I am a huge fan of Christmas and I definitely live for it year long.  I have also worked retail during the Christmas season and I can tell you, it is one of the scariest times of the year.  Above that, I have worked in two different malls during two different Christmas seasons, one being in a clothing store and one being in a gift shop.  I really am glad to say that I will never do that again.

One of the downsides to working in a mall during the Christmas season has got to be the Christmas music that plays.  Unfortunately, you’ll most likely have to work long shifts and chances are, you’ll hear the same Christmas songs over and over.  Now, if you don’t have music playing in your store (thank you gift shop) then you can easily drown out the music because, let’s face it, hearing anything in a crowded mall is pretty pointless.

It must have been making up for this moment though, when I was working in the clothing store.  You see, the clothing store had its OWN Christmas music that it played – very loudly.  I couldn’t escape it out in the mall, I couldn’t escape it in the back of the store, it was never too loud in the store to block it out.  I had to suffer.  Fortunately, those were the times when I was working semi-short shifts (about 6 hours), but I kid you not, this CD probably only lasted an hour and a half before it repeated.  You can probably do the math.

It started out innocently, I heard it for the first time and I thought that it was catchy and pretty awesome.  Oh, such a young and innocent mind.  I eventually found that I would hum to the melody while it was playing.  Then, I would unconsciously hum it when it wasn’t playing.  Eventually, it would play over and over in my head when I was off work.  That’s when I started to hate it.  It completely ruined me.

Now, whenever I hear it, which surprisingly I’ve heard it a lot more this season than any other season, I shudder.  It reminds me of those horrible times working retail.  Of course, it still gets stuck in my head and when I don’t hear it for a long time, I sorta miss it.  It’s the song that I have accepted will never completely be out of my life, particularly because I think my mom likes the song.  For my husband, this song is “Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney (it was the first Christmas song we heard this season ironically.)  For me, it’s the dreaded “Man with the Bag”.  I won’t post either for everyone’s happiness.

Do you have a song that you love to hate?  What is it?  Post it below!


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