20 HANDMADE Items Under $20

It’s that time of year again when it’s time to think about Christmas presents.  I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year because I love giving gifts but, after marrying Husband, my family went from a small size of three, to a gigantic size of 19.  NINETEEN!  And that’s just IMMEDIATE family.  With that being said, I painstakingly scour the internet for amazing gifts that I can get my family that is well within my price limit.  I am a huge fan of Etsy and love getting handmade gifts for people, but sometimes it is very expensive.  I like to shop online for my gifts because I don’t have to go out in public and deal with the Christmas rush.  But that also means that I have to order things in a timely manner.  Below are 20 items for under $20 from Etsy with the cut off time if available so you know when it’s time to stop being a slacker.

1. These awesome superhero coasters from GrecnyArt


Okay, so I’m a superhero nerd (along with most of my family) so when I found these coasters for $15 I had to add them to my list.  I happen to glance at the other items in this store and THEY HAVE SO MANY AWESOME THINGS.  They have a flask that is $20 and I think I may also get that for someone on MY list.  The comics that are used for the coasters are not copies.  THEY ARE REAL COMICS.  My heart is conflicted about that but they are awesome!  No cut off date, but order as soon as possible for Christmas (or, you know, before I can buy it.)  Buy it here for $15!

2. This sassy candle from subversivehousewife


This candle is sassy and smells good.  Every time your significant other will smell this scent, they’ll be reminded that you are in need of some loving.  Remind him how much you love him with this candle for $14.99!  Comes in different scents!  No cut off date!  Order ASAP!

3. A GIGANTIC clothespin from TheBarnOwlsNest


I don’t think I need to say much about this.  It’s a GIANT clothespin that you can mount on your wall.  It’s beautiful.  Get it here for $18 by December 15th in order to get it by Christmas.

4. These Lego Crayons from CoffeeCupsAndDaisies


Something that I have learned from working in the daycare is that children (at least these children) are obsessed with Legos and coloring.  This combines the two for something I can only imagine as epic.  Get it here for $4.99 by December 12th to get it in time for Christmas.

5. This BEAUTIFUL llama painting from TheRiskyRabbit


Okay readers.  THIS isn’t a print.  This is the original on canvas!  For $20!  And how cute is this llama?  Just saying, if any of my family is reading this, this may be on my Christmas list.  Get it here by December 12th to get it on time for Christmas.

6. This classy bracelet from HarmonyAndBliss


I just love this bracelet!  And if you have a photographer in your family, I bet they’ll love it too!  It’s perfect for those who photograph weddings!  Heck, it’s just perfect!  Classy and casual.  Get it here for $19 ASAP!

7. This shiny, shimmery, splendid bath bomb from MTLCreations


Mermaids are in.  Bath bombs are in.  Put them together.  Mermaid bath bomb.  Get it here for $4.55 ASAP for Christmas.

8. This relatable mug from RedRoofCreation


I’m sure I’m not the only one who can agree with this.  Get this for $18 here!

9. These amazing shark slippers from HandCrochetByRobin


Ok, what is more awesome for a baby than these so cute shark slippers?  I mean, sharks are amazing!  These are a definite must have for any baby.  Get it here for $15!

10. This wine glass from FancyBeeBoutique


This wine glass is perfect for your wine enthusiast that also has the Christmas spirit.  I know someone on my list who will be getting this one.  Get your’s here for $15!

11. This amazing smelling soap from PenobscotCandleCo.


For the men or outdoor enthusiasts in your life, this soap is perfect!  Bring the outdoors in or bring Christmas all year round for your Christmas lovers.  Get it here for $2.50 – $6 depending on size!

12. While we’re on the subject, get THIS cute stuffed cactus from AuntieRuthsBoutique


Okay, these little crocheted (yes, crocheted) cacti are the absolute most adorable thing ever.  Give them to your friend who has a green thumb, black thumb, whatever color thumb.  Get it here for $14.

13. These beautiful earrings from LaniMakana


I am a sucker for leaf earrings.  These earrings are so beautiful and simplistic, I can’t believe they are less than $20.  Get them here for $12 by December 10th for Christmas!

14. These cat butt ornaments from MelsCreativeCrochets


They remind me of the butts on Neko Atsume.  I would like to fill my whole Christmas tree with these.  You should probably get a bunch of them too for gifts.  Perfect for your cat ladies or lads.  Get them here for $3.99 (she also makes these into coasters!)

15. This truth-telling coffee mug from TheMessinger


This is perfect for your coffee lovers.  Save them the trouble and let this mug do the talking for them!  Order this mug here for $15-$17 depending on size.

16. Speaking of coffee, get this coffee beauty set from OrganicBeautyJunkie


This natural body lotion and lip balm set is perfect for those who are obsessed with coffee.  Get it here for $16.99!

17. This gorgeous bracelet from



Just look at that picture.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  This bracelet is green agate and it is perfect for those who love simplicity.  Get it for $10.19 here!

18. These adventurous coasters from StargazerHomeDecor


For the person why loves to travel or wishes they could travel.  These coasters come in a set of four!  They are perfect for the adventurer in your life!  Get them here for $16 by December 16th to get them in time for Christmas.

19. These His and Her coffee mugs from PaperPusherShop


Perfect for your couples!  Enable their mushy and gushy side by getting them his and her mugs!  Get these here for $18.99 by December 15th to get them in time for Christmas!

20. And finally, this diffuser necklace from BlueHillsJewelry


This diffuser necklace is so cute!  This necklace comes with three refill pads and the charms adds a nice touch to it!  Get it here for $15!

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