The Green-Eyed Monster

In the spirit of really trying to write in my blog daily (I am coming back to this blog post 2 YEARS LATER so I can safely say that I’ve failed in writing in my blog daily), I’ve decided to try some writing prompts.  Today’s writing prompt is about that infamous green-eyed monster – jealousy.  What makes me jealous?

Admittedly, I am a very jealous person even though I try my hardest not to be.  Blame it on my insecurities about myself, I guess.  I am only human.  While I get very jealous about how pretty others are compared to me, there is always one subject that gets me riled up – my fiance (he’s my husband now).

Obviously he wouldn’t be my fiance husband if he didn’t want to be with me.  But, I have the issue of thinking knowing that every single woman on the face of the earth has a thing for him.  This of course has caused many major issues in the past and fortunately I have gotten so much better about that (or so I like to think), but boy did it get bad sometimes.

I like to think that jealousy can be a good thing at times.  Of course, too much too often can lead you down a disastrous road, but it’s nice to keep yourself in check.  For me, a little bit of jealousy is just what I need to re-evaluate my life and my relationships.  If I am really that jealous over the way someone looks can I do something to make my appearance better?  Probably gussying up once in a while instead of just throwing on the first pair of pants I come across might make me.

Something that I have learned though is this.  Other women may make me jealous, but he’s my husband for a reason.  Seriously, I have the biggest issues with insecurities but my husband kindly reminds me every time I start to let my emotions get the best of me that he chose me.  No one else.  Okay, it’s hard to see that sometimes but, take a few deep breaths and snuggle to him a little closer that night.  Your insecurities will fly away once he sleepily puts his arm around you.  It’s in those moments that I remember that I am his.  And it is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Now, the only jealousy issues I have is when someone gets way more food than me.

It’s literally me.

So readers, what makes you jealous and what is the best advice you can give someone who gets jealous easily?


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