When it rains…

You know that sentiment when it rains, it pours?  I found that to be true for  yesterday.  Usually, I try to keep a positive outlook on life and situations because, what’s the point of wallowing in the negative when you can focus on the positive.  But I swear yesterday was out to get me.  As you know readers, I work in a daycare.  I love my job but it has its moments when I just can’t deal.  Parents, I’m sure you can relate with me.  Some days you just want to call it quits.

Well, I had decided at 3am yesterday morning that I was going to start eating healthier and “dieting”.  So, during breakfast I had a very health conscious choice of cereal and milk.  Also, me being an avid non-water drinker had been forcing myself to drink water instead of my usual juice and soda (okay, usually just soda).

Consider that the mist to my day.

My mom had been sick for a month with what started out as a cold, progressed to bronchitis, and recently turned into pneumonia.  Now, my mom is my co-worker and owner of the daycare that I work at.  In a daycare environment, especially in-home, calling in sick is a no go.  Like, we’ll be dead before we not go to work.  You parents depend on us!  She was not getting better so she went to the doctor to see what was going on.  An hour passed when I got a text from my mom saying: the doctor thinks I have congestive heart failure and I am being sent to ER.

The rain started coming.

AND LET ME TELL YOU, being stuck at home with no way to go to your mom’s side while you’re also trying to take care of 8 kids because you are at work is not the time or the place to think about your mom’s passing because of congestive heart failure.

While pacing around the house I noticed sometime crawling up the trim of the window in our kitchen.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered it to be a stinkbug.  Did you know that you can’t squash a stinkbug because the stench will cause more stinkbugs to come?!  Me, being the only adult in the house with 8 kids but also being the person who is afraid of every little bug had to bravely call my friend to come and get the stinkbug out of the house while I was trying to hold back tears because I thought my mom was dying (by the way, it didn’t work).

I can start to hear the raindrops hitting the roof.

So, the stinkbug is gone, my mom is still probably dying, I’m all alone with 8 kids, and I can’t comfort myself with food because that’s not how to handle things.  My mom calls and says that she does not have congestive heart failure but the pneumonia got worse and so they are keeping her at the hospital to run some tests and start IVs.  She doesn’t know when she’ll be back.  Okay, you got this.

By this time I am doing the crap out of craft prep to keep my mind calm.  The kids are playing, they’ve been fed, I’m waiting for the school kids to get here.  Two of the three kids walk in the house.  Two.  Of.  The.  Three.  It just so happened that the one kid that was missing was my nephew.  He apparently went to his after school club that we’ve been telling him he wasn’t a part of anymore because it conflicted with other activities.  So, here I am with no way to get him, can’t get a hold of his mom, my mom (who usually gets him and carts him around) is stuck in the hospital.


giphy-1So now I’m scrambling to find someone to get my nephew while answering a million and one texts asking if my mom is okay, taking care of 10 kids, making sure my mom is doing well, and trying not to go insane.

Did I mention that this week and next week is also finals week for me at college?  I have a million things to do for the end of term and haven’t had a moment to even comprehend what I need to do to even begin.

Fortunately, everything was sorted out but not before I felt like this at the end of it all.

giphy (2).gif
I can’t help but find humor in my day yesterday because it was only a matter of time before bad happened in my few days of good.  But, especially after a nice sleep and trust me…I collapsed on the bed and went to sleep after all of this I feel like I am an actual full fledged adult who can actually handle life.  I guess that’s me finding the positive in a bad situation.

Have you ever had a “when it rains it pours” sort of day?  Share in the comments below you’re story!


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