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Perfectly Posh – Hand Creme & GIVEAWAY

In this blog post, I will be reviewing some of Perfectly Posh’s hand cremes!  Carrissa was so nice and gave me three hand cremes to try.

Oh Snap! – “Delicious grapefruit brulee.”

Boho Soul – “Exotically spiced fruits, amber, and oud wood.”

Dressed to Chill – “A wintery sweet cranberry orange.”


I decided to try the hand cremes over the course of a few days.  I started out with Oh Snap!  And oh snap.  The smell was amazing.  I was surprised at how thick the creme was.  It wasn’t thin or runny like normal hand lotions or cremes that I’ve used previous.

I decided to do the Dairy Queen Blizzard presentation with the hand creme.  Just to let you know, this hand creme defies gravity it is that thick.

Sorry that my camera decided to focus on the towel rather than the hand creme.

FYI, it passed the Dairy Queen Blizzard test.

So my hands smelled like amazing grapefruit.  I put the lotion on and at first it felt like it was going to be greasy but I was definitely wrong.  My hands were super soft all day and I didn’t leave any residue anywhere.  I washed my hands multiple times in the day and even after all that hand-washing, my hands still smelt like grapefruit.  It was definitely amazing.

The next hand creme, Boho Soul was the next one that I tried.  To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite scent but it still smelt amazing.  It smelt like spices and incense.  My husband would’ve been a huge fan, but I took a shower before he got home and used some more Posh products so it took away from the scent.



So the last one that I tried was the Dressed to Chill.  Since it is almost Autumn I decided to wait to use Dressed to Chill as close to Autumn as I could.  You guys, this is very important.  This hand creme smells so good.  If you grew up in the 90’s and are familiar with Zebra Stripes, you would love this hand creme.  It is very fruity and fabulous and I think it’s my favorite.  I know I’m going to buy at least 5 (because of Perfectly Posh’s buy 5 get the 6th free).

Here’s some important things to know about Perfectly Posh’s hand cremes (TL;DR version):

  • It is made with all natural ingredients – like coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E.
  • It is a part of the buy 5 get the 6th free program.
  • They smell amazing.
  • They are $9 each for 3 fl. oz.
  • A little goes a long way (seriously, I put way too much on the first time.)
  • Seriously, the standard amount I would use for other hand cremes was way too much.
  • Like, those samples are going to last me at least 2 more times.
  • No greasiness, smooth & soft hands.

Do you want one?  Buy them here.  Want to win one?  Enter below!

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As for the rating, I give Perfectly Posh’s hand creme 5 hand praises out of 5!


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