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EASY Last Minute Valentine FREE PRINTABLE

I work at a daycare and for some reason 2016 has been passing VERY fast.  So fast, in fact, that I realized two days before our Valentine’s Day party that I had forgotten valentines for the children!  Fortunately, I was able to put this together before the party and it was a huge hit!

As a mom, I prefer to keep my valentines candy free in case a child has dietary restrictions or a parent doesn’t want their children to have candy.

main image
Pardon the blurriness, I’m getting used to my new camera (my Kindle Fire).

So let me start by saying, since I had just realized that the Valentine’s Day party was soon, I didn’t have time to replace my color ink in my printer.  So, the template that I used is just in black and white but, I have provided a color version as well.

Get the black and white template HERE (Comes with enough to make 12)

Get the color template HERE (Comes with enough to make 4)

I had the magic growing capsules on hand since my daughter insisted that we needed to get them 6 months prior.  You can find magic growing capsules at grocery stores or online.


I used Scotch Removable Mounting Squares to attach the growing capsules to the paper.  I was afraid to use tape or glue because I didn’t want it to destroy the capsule.  I tested and the capsules come off without any damage with the mounting squares.  I got mine at Michaels for cheap.


Making an assembly line really helped.  I love this valentine because it’s very simple to make and perfect for the DIY person and the not quite so DIY person.  Great last minute valentine that is quick and easy to make!  You can even employ the help of your children (even to the toddlers)!  Mine loved helping putting the capsules on the cards.


They were a huge hit!  The children wanted to put them in water during our Valentine’s Day party and watch them grow throughout the day.  We settled for doing one extra that I had (thank goodness we only have 11 children instead of 12).


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