Benedict Cumberbatch – Impression Extraordinaire

Thanks to the power of social media and Time, I found this amazing gift from the gods:

Go ahead, watch it.  I’ll wait for you.

This man did 11 impressions in one minute.

He even did an impression of Taylor Swift that I think she’d be very impressed with.tumblr_mi4lurO8hO1qfoj4do1_250


Can we just take a minute to realize how incredibly talented and absolutely amazing this man is?

Oh, and he’s also very good looking.

I mean, look at this man!

Now, I’ll admit, when I heard he was engaged, I was pretty distraught – like most other fan girls.  But, I think we should all be very happy for him because, we care about his happiness, right?  Even though he is now off the market forever.

Okay, you’re right.

 Do you have a man/woman that you fan girl over?  Share in the comments below!


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