Getting Organized

Today was a snow day.  Thus, I decided it would be a great day to get organized while I had extra time to actually do nothing.  My two main tasks for the day were to get the chore situation taken care of in my household and organize my blog.  I am still working on the chore list, but I can happily say I’ve gotten my blog organized and I am excited to see if this really does help.

For starters, I am one to make lists.  I don’t think I can function without my lists.  I didn’t know that blogging planners existed and, if you are a blogger like me, these are a godsend.  After sifting through a million and one of them on Pinterest, I found one that I really liked.  Of course, you can use whichever one you want (just search ‘blog planner’ on Pinterest).  The one I loved was from Lamberts Lately.  It was described as the ‘Ultimate’ Blog Planner and it really is a great one.

I printed out all my pages in black and white because color ink is precious and expensive.  I re-used an old notebook that I had and made my own cover with my logo on it.  Hopefully I can use this effectively and be able to write every day!

So, if you are wanting to get organized with me, go download her blog planner (it’s free!) and let’s get to it!


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