Judge Mommy

While I’m trying to raise my daughter to be the best person she can be, I can’t help but – characterize other children and their parents.  Okay, so to others it may be judging others.  But, I don’t mean to judge them.

I’m always surprised at the way children interact with their parents or elders.  Then, I always tend to think such thoughts as “If my daughter ever did that to me she’d have soap in her mouth!”  I always end up feeling bad because, as a first time mother to a five year old, I know that us mothers try as hard as we absolutely can with what we got.

I’ll admit, my daughter drives me up a wall most times.  She’s defiant (or as others like to call it, independent), and gives me a run for my money.  At times, I am at a loss of what to do.  I certainly don’t want my daughter to be defiant.  I would love to say that I know the magical answer to make her the perfect little angel I wish she’d be.  I’ll even admit that I have to bribe her sometimes in order for her to do what I need her to do.

As a mom, we can only hope we are raising our children right.  So, for the mom’s that I accidentally judge, I’m sorry.  I know you’re trying your hardest and you don’t need the quiet opinions of a stranger to make matters worse.  In fact, I’m sorry that as a mom, I should understand, because I’ve been there.  I’m the same as you.  I should be supporting you and standing by you instead of throwing daggers at you.

I’ve always told my mom that I would never raise my daughter to be defiant.  She’d listen and behave.  I sit here and chuckle because no matter how much I tried to show her the good path, she’s still defiant and it’s a struggle to get her to listen.

Every mom struggles with getting their children to be the best they can be.  Truth is, no matter how hard us mothers try to get their children to see the light, the choice is theirs.  All we can do is our best to keep them from straying.  So, thank you mom for doing exactly that.


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