Toddler Tantrums

I am subscribed to CafeMom’s Facebook news feed.  They post different stories about parenting and tabloids and they recently put out a list of things NOT to do during toddler tantrums.  

This list consisted of your every day common sense things, but one of the things on the list was some things I didn’t agree with — walking away and not punishing. You aren’t supposed to walk away while your toddler is having a tantrum.

Go ahead and throw those ‘bad parenting’ rotten fruits at me, I’m voluntarily walking into the parenting gauntlet.  I don’t care how old you are, tantrums are not okay.  We teach that to our children who are school-aged and I’m not about to let them off the hook because they are toddlers.  They should be taught from the beginning that that behavior is not okay.

When my daughter had tantrums, I got down to her level and firmly stated that this behavior is not okay by any means.  I calmly told her that she needed to change her behavior and if she didn’t, I walked away.  I left the room to let her throw her tantrum.  

Because I don’t think that tantrums are an okay way to show your emotions, I will punish my daughter if she is having a tantrum.  For instance, if she wants something and she throws a tantrum, you can bet that if she doesn’t change her behavior when I say, there will be no TV or timeout time.

Of course, some tantrums are warranted and all situations are different.  Everything is dependent on the situation.

What do you guys think about the list?  Do you agree or disagree with it?


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