Laundry and Jeans

I recently read an article about how the CEO of Levi stated he doesn’t wash his jeans.  Why?  Apparently, you don’t have to.  The CEO, Chip Bergh, has owned a pair of Levi jeans for a year and they have never touched a washing machine.  This has sparked many debates about people’s washing habits and rightfully so.  For some, not washing jeans for a week let alone a year makes people cringe.

Coming from a mom’s perspective, I have a few opinions.  One, my daughter would have some very crusty, dirty, and smelly jeans if I didn’t wash her jeans for even a day.  Given, she’s five and this one year thing was probably meant for adults only, but still.  Her jeans definitely need to be washed on a daily basis.  I am a pretty clean person (although my fiance would not agree), so I don’t think I would be able to go very long without the urge to clean my jeans.  I’m not too particular on the fit that my jeans have.  Apparently, for the best comfortable fit, not washing your jeans is the best thing.  If you prefer a tighter fight, the more washing the better.

But, from another side to a mom’s perspective, I don’t have time to do everyone’s laundry while working, schooling, parenting, and loving.  I get the short end of the clean laundry stick and usually do my laundry last.  I mean, for the majority of the week I’m usually wearing my work uniform anyway.  My daughter’s laundry always comes first, then my fiances, and lastly mine.  I love the fact that it’s okay to wear jeans that are a year dirty!  In fact, I will gladly (and now guilt-free) throw on the jeans that are laying on my bedroom floor that I’ve been wearing for the past few days.  Why not?

What do you guys think?  Is it okay or acceptable to wear jeans that are a year old?  How long would you go before you had to wash your jeans?


1 thought on “Laundry and Jeans”

  1. I will admit that that is a practice that I have been doing for quite some time 😛 I find that as long as you’re careful, pants don’t need to be washed as often as, say, underwear or shirts. They just don’t touch the parts that make odors! So as long as you shower every day and are careful about what gets on them, you’re pretty much good!


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