All of these things is not like the other…or are they?

You know that argument and debate of “what job is the hardest”?  Well, I’m here, right now, to end this debate once and for all (or at least I hope.)

You see, the answer is very clear!  All the jobs are the hardest.  They all have their ups and downs.  Take for example my job.  I have to stand on my feet all day, deal with some unruly and snobby patrons at times, and wish all the time that something better would come along.  But, isn’t that how everyone feels at times?

Take a retail job.  Black Friday.  Need I say more?  Yes, I have worked a Black Friday before and it was the absolute worst.  Retail jobs are considered one of the worst jobs but, isn’t it the same as a security job?  We both stand on our feet all day, both have to deal with unruly and snobby customers, and wish that something better would come along.

No matter what job you have, they all have their ups and downs.  Can’t we all just throw in our guns and our towels and join together in agreement that jobs in general suck?  You may love your job, but there will always be days where you wonder why you didn’t marry the first rich man that came in your life so you can stay home and eat bonbons.


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