Setting Goals

If you’re like me, when you start something, you get super motivated to do it and get it done, but, especially if it’s a long-term thing, eventually you just get tired of the drag and let things slip.  Most of the time, things just kind of stop for me.  I just stop trying.  This is why I have a million of blogs that I’ve started, a million and one stories that have never been finished, and half finished endeavors that will probably never see the light of day again.

This was and sometimes is especially true for my school work.  You see, when I was younger and still in middle school and high school, I started out the year thinking I was going to get great grades and do everything and anything.  What really happened was I got passable to low grades and I ended up dropping out a few months short of graduating.  Stupid, I know.

But, I was given another chance!  I went back and got my GED and started college!  Yes, I went to Cayuga Community College for Early Childhood Education!  I was going to become a special education teacher and do what I always wanted to do!  That was, until I decided it would be better if I moved back home to be closer with my family.  So, one month, yes, one month after I started college, I dropped out and moved back home!

Fast forward a couple years later.  I’m going to school for baking!  Loving it!  Then, I get chewed out by a teacher and give up.  I loved baking but, since I don’t do well with getting yelled at, decided to go into computer science.  I don’t even know what happened with that.

The next year, I decided to go to ITT Tech for Criminal Justice.  I decided THIS was it.  No more changing my mind.  I would push myself to finish with AMAZING grades even if it killed me.  But, as I was entering my second quarter, I realized that it wasn’t my determination or lack thereof that always made me venture into something else, it was my unrealistic and seemingly unattainable goals that made me feel like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Goals are meant to be achievable.  If you always change your goals or set goals that you know you won’t be able to achieve, you’ll just set yourself up for failure.  Instead of saying, “I’m going to get AMAZING grades”, say “I’m going to study and pay attention in class, turn in my homework on time, and not procrastinate.”  Chances are, you’ll get amazing grades as a result.

What are some goals you have?


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