Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Annoyances of a Cat

This TT I decided to just post one of the first pieces of writing I put online!  It was published on Hubpages about 3 years ago!


love cats! I have four cats and I plan on getting more in my future. Although I love cats, I sometimes wonder why! Is it their cute face? Or the way they keep us warm when we’re feeling cold? Whatever it is, I must stand up in protest! We cat owners put up a lot for these cats!!

The number one annoyance I have, those showdowns in the hall. When you’re walking down the hall and you’re cat is laying there right smack dab in the middle. It’s a showdown between human and cat. Just staring at each other. Sometimes I can hear the epic western music playing in the back of my head. Now, most of the time, you get lucky. You can just walk right by. Wait, it’s not really walking. It’s a half skip, half run for your life as you play Russian Roulette where the the hall is the gun and the cat is the bullet. But sometimes, you can just tell that your cat is in a mood. For you cat owners, you know what I’m talking about. You have to find the nearest object to act as a shield as you shrink against the wall in hopes that you won’t get attacked. Other times, you have to scream for someone else in the house to come rescue you like you’re a damsel in distress. Sometimes even, you just turn around and wait until the cat has moved. The cat rules the roost, and we know it.

Which brings me to my next point. You’ll be sitting and enjoying watching TV or, like me, writing on HubPages and then suddenly, like a ninja, the cat appears. On your lap he goes and he has no sign of moving. Just great. Sometimes you get lucky and can continue on with what you were doing but whenever you’re doing something important no matter which way you move, the cat moves too. All hopes of doing what you were doing is lost. Gone. If you move your cat, you have a chance to get attacked or even worse..a showdown in the hall. Your only hope is to just sit there and let your cat enjoy a nice lap.

We just sit there and take it! Why? Cause we have to! We have no choice! We love our cats dearly to the point where we just take it. Whoever said love hurts, was right. Cats can be sweet sometimes. They can nicely sit on your lap and let you love him. My cat even hugs people. He’ll put his head to your head and nuzzle your face. But you’ve got to be careful. He has a nose fetish. You’ll be scratching his face and he’ll be kissing your nose and he’ll give you a love bite. They really hurt! They draw blood. It sucks. If you’re ever in my house and he jumps on your lap, my best advice is just don’t let him anywhere near your face.

So again, I ask..why do we take it? Maybe it’s because they are a good ear to listen to you when you need someone to talk to. Or, maybe it’s those moments when you don’t want to be alone, they are always there for you. Whatever it is, as annoying as these cats can be, they really are worth it.

So below, tell me your cat stories. 🙂 Give us a good chuckle.

Can you relate?  Share your cat stories in the comments


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